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Cilantro and chelation-shouldnt we all be eating this?

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Does anyone use cilantro with their cooking?
I was told in my cancer fighting cooking class is helps remove metal toxins from our bodies.

Hoping to hear from others. I know Pete had mentioned chelation therapy.

Hey it cant hurt to incorporate for those of us that have oxaliplatinum in us?

Any other thoughts on this?

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but I love cilantro! Both raw and cooked. It's nice when stuff you would happily eat anyway may be useful in the fight as well! Ann

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Yes-I agree!
Read a little more on-line about it and it is good for our fight.
Guess I'll pile it on my taco's and tostsdas! :-)

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this is a fantastic post. its one of the easiest thing chemnos can do to protect themselves.

we got to start somewhere cliantro is a start i guess.

water fresh and clean and pure also.

the advantage of being a raw vegan.
chelation is essential but ignored at present.

look at me, i got platinum poisoning from folfox i suspect. no regrets, but if i knew what i knew now i would have a really flash chelation program running besides my chemo.

look at what tans explained recently about his wifes program for two years.

protect your key organs and hope for the best at reducing tumour growth. this is too radical for our onc's , but not for integrative onc or advanced multi disciplenary teams.

soon integrative oncology will catch on.

for those how want a healthier life with chemo, its at our finger tips.

you just have to google it. its not just supplements, its exercise, meditation, journaling.

keep on sharing from the cooking course.


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I don't think you'd want to use cilantro while on chemo.....that would negate what the drug is supposed to do in the first place wouldn't it?

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Kenny H.
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Got a bowl of pico (fresh hot sauce) made with garden tomatos, oinions, chiles and of course lots of chilantro in the frig right now!. Love the stuff.

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In one breath, they tell us that nothing can fight cancer like Chemo,
since nothing is as powerful.

In the next breath, they tell us that an herb can offset the benefits
of chemo.

The hypocrisy should be obvious.

Best of health!


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It takes a lot of discipline to incorporate the things you are doing.

Appreciate your findings to all of us.

My next door neighbor goes to the Block Center in Evanston IL and she has made great strides in her energy level etc., with dietary changes.

She is s Breast cancer survivor.

We have to find what fits and give it our best!

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Oh my goodness, cilantro is one of those herbs I've hated ever since trying it. Someone on the food network said people either really like it or really hate it. Well I'm one that really hates it, hubby hates it too. Sorry I'll eat spinach or something else green.


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True! If u don't like it then spinach. Swiss chard, kale and dark greens also help blood counts!

I have lost so much wait from two surgeries I cant seem to get enough protein and cal's....

It amazes me even as I sit with my support group or see what co-workers eat that we cant nurture our bodies enough with nutrition and the healing methods Pete has mentioned.

I think each of has to find what works for us but as they say "We are what we eat"

Just an opinion but oncologists don't seem to want to hear about supplements nor nutrition or how they can work between treatments.

Just trying to pass on information that may be of interest.

Any other tips on nutrition and chemo? My appetite varies so much. I hate to admit I ate McD's hashbrowns today so I could add some calories!

I wish there was a Jenny Craig program tailored to cancer patients or based from the cancer fighting foods!

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as i look out my bedroom window into the sunroom, i see a field of green.

not rolling hills but wheatgrass. its cold here and the wheatgrass grows best about 18 degrees celcius.

so i got the wheatgrass juicing going really well, so how easy is it to add a good handful of cilantro. now i am adding a piece of bitter melon as well.

this green juice is like a cup of poison, it tastes so bad it must be good for me.
google wheatgrass and cancer and building blood if your interested.

i have 10 trays growing, the seeds are cheap and the kids love cutting and watering the grass.

i am aiming at a couple of green juices a day. i also add in the broccoli powder, chorella and mcp if i have this juice at breaky or around dinner time.

it would be lovelly to think the cilantro is an effective chelating agent. i hope to start hardore chelation as soon as dysbios and mineral status adequate. then i will do a pre/post dmsa challenge for all those interested in chelation basics.


ps i wish i had been using my greens attachment earlier. i waited until i got the wheatgrass project going, well i should not have waited, it gets so much more juice out of the green leaves.

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As much as I love Cilantro, it burned to much for me during chemo months. I eat a lot of veggies, and yellow curry. I could not get enough curry. I also used a lot of ginger. Cookies, spice cake/muffins, dried, etc...

Best Always, mike

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