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Do night sweats with ovarian cysts mean cancer??

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I have a minimally septated complex cyst on each ovary. I started having pain, no swelling, in my underarm and breast last week. Tonight I woke up with night sweats. I keep thinking it is spreading and that I have Lymphoma now. Do these symptoms indicate cancer most likely, or has anyone experieinced these just from having benign cysts? I know it is all a guessing game. Ican't see the oncologist until tomorrow, so I am going crazy until then!

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But praying it is nor ovca.Keep us posted. I am in tx. And have night sweats all the time...val

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Hi Kale..
You don't say your age. Night sweats can be associated with a number of benign conditions including the menopause. I can understand your concern very much. Healing thoughts go your way.

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Thanks for the reposnses. I am 40 yrs. old. I have a swollen, fluid filled abdomen, loss of appetite, constipation, slight back pain, dry mouth, etc. So I have multiple signs of ovarian cancer. I was looking for a hope that these could still be due to the cysts even if it is benign. But, I want the truth.

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