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My theropy for the mind

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I am nearly one year into the reality of cancer. I was diagnosed in October of last year. Many of you are probably aware that late nights (the wee hours of the night) are not our friend. I rarely sleep more than 1 1/2 hour maybe two at a stretch. My first thoughts upon waking is usually, "What is wrong now? Why do I keep waking up? Am I ever going to get back to a normal life?" Things like that. To help me cope I decided this morning to start a blog about my journey with cancer. It gives me an outlet for my anxiety and might just keep me from going off the deep end! I will be trying to keep it simple. Short daily updates are the plan. Just a way to survive and a theropy that doesn't cost me $200 an hour! I love to write anyway, so it will be a natural thing for me. If you care to read and follow along with my daily walk the site is here:


This not a commercial for myself. It is just a friendly offer to others who may be awake at 2 a.m. or anytime to stop by my blog and see what is happening. Just started today so only a couple of posts so far. Please feel free to comment or follow the blog. Just a thought.

How do others here deal with the late night theater of the mind?

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Good plan. I cheated and took the medication road. I just need to sleep so badly at this point. I started taked lexapro which at first caused great panic attacks but has now taken the pain out of my arms. That with melatonin which I took last night for the first time is knocking me out. The nights are definitely the hardest part of the day. There are nights where I just sit up wondering how and why this is happening and nights where I'm so tired, I can't think at all.

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Ho-ho, another member of the insomnia club. I have been having issues with this for about a month now. Others gave me ideas, like a benadryl before bed. Or a small dose of lorazapam. All good ideas, I sleep good about every third nite...maybe due to exhaustion. I love how you put it...the late nite theater of the mind, about sums it up ! Good luck, and if I find something that works I'll definately let you know. Regards, Katie

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