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Ovarian cancer... what would slight, radiating pain in underarm/breast indicate?

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I have been told after 3 ultrasounds that I most likely have ovarian cancer. In the past 10 days my symptoms are increasing. The weirdest one is this slightly warming, minute that pain surges through my under arms then into the breast. My lymph nodes do not feel swollen. Any thoughts as to what is going on? Should I rush to ER over something like this? I have no ins and am waiting to see what my options are. Thanks!

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I had a pain simalar to that when I had a tumor on my diaphram that was pressing on a nerve. Most women I have talked to that had breast cancer told me they didnt have any pain symptoms so I dont know if thats what it could be. You should definately ask your doctor about it though you can never be too careful when it comes to cancer.

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hi you should get a c125 blood test,and if your doctors are suspecting ovarian cancer,you
should get your self to a obgyn oncologist surgon.it is important that the doctor not just be a obgyn he or she should be all three of the above.good luck

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kimberly sue 63
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Don't wait go to an Gyn/oncologist for a full work up so you can get your answers. Kim

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Since kale's post in June, she has had surgery and was diagnosed with appendix cancer. She is pursuing appropriate treatment with a specialist in this field.

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