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So I took Larry into our family doctor and they were thinking intestinal blockage, X-rays showed nothing abnormal. His doctor was concerned because his blood pressure was 80/50,and he has lost 4 lbs since he went to the same doctor for a cold 2 weeks ago,so they took 3 viles of blood and we should have those results in a few days. His doctor will schedule a PET scan, so we will see what happens next.

Larry was diagnosed with Stage 4 EC 01/12/2010. He had the chemo pump everyday with two more chemo drugs every thursday for 6 weeks with radiation during those 6 weeks everyday
m-f. Then he had a 2 week rest and then had a 12 hour surgery, the next day he went into resptory failure and was in a coma for a week. Within 2 weeks he was released, he has had some issues but for the most part we got past it, now he is having adominal pain, sensitive to the touch, no energy, he won't eat much.
So, here I sit just like two years ago, reading through pages of pages of others that have had EC looking for hope and encouragement. I found that two years ago by just reading.
This is a great site and even though some of us just read and don't post we still learn more then we could ever learn from talking to doctors.

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My mom was diagnosed in August 2011 and I found this website. (I actually was here years ago when I was diagnosed with malignant squamous cell carcinoma.) I have made lots of friends here and everyone was so very helpful during our battle against this beast. I now am like you. I open every day and look, but so often find it too hard to post. I miss my mother. So be strong. Keep coming here and keep looking for information. Hugs to you!

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