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Vital Stim Therapy

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I'm going on 8 weeks since my last rad treatment. Had my body scan last week-alls good. My problem is I can't eat. Anything with any texture to it causes immediate gagging. I can do liquids and puddings but after a visit with my Speech Pathologist and a "swallow test" she's putting me on a therapeutic feeding schedule and recommending 15 sessions of "vital stim therapy". After the 15 sessions another FEES/swallow test. If everything is good-great. If still not able to eat or well enough another 15 week session.
Anybody gone thru this? Did it work?

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I am curious, where was the cancer you had located? I totally understand not being able to swallow, my cancer was on my epiglottis and it was removed in November 2011~~~ speech therepy did wonders for me and I am now on a soft food diet and can drink just about anything I want. I am very interested in the therapy you're going to have, so please keep us posted...I see you joined in 2010 and cancer had been found via biopsy fo lymph nodes, is this the same cancer?

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My cancer was on the base of the tongue just above the right tonsil. The surgery on January 23, 2012 removed both tonsils, the lesion at the base of the tongue and 4 right side lymph nodes. Following the surgery I had 35 rad and 7 chemo treatments with the last rad on April 12.
Hope this answered your question and I will keep this post updated.

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Hi. I looked into the vital stem for my dad. He is 9 months since tonsil and lymp 35 imrt and chemo and still cannot eat. I found a company that looked good...advanced therapy of America ...they use experia which is supposed to be the most advanced equipment. I don't believe they take insurance so it was a little pricey..the nurse told me you need a prescription from your oncologist that you have NED as they do not want to stimullate anything.
It seemed very promising and they do have a website under that name. We have tried dilitation and now are awaiting Botox injections.
I hope this helps

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I had two months of therapy with Vital Stem and two stretches. After my treatments I had a great deal of scar tissue. After chocking on a soft piece of potato in cream of potato soup and deciding to never eat again and just use my PEG tube, I came to my senses and called my ENT. He sent me for the swallow test and then to meet with a therapist. I can't tell you the difference. This was last summer and now I eat everything! I had a wonderful therapist who was like a cheerleader and was very encouraging. I went from eating nothing but broth to now steak, bread (with enough butter) and just about anything I want. A few things are difficult, but I just eat slowly and with milk to wash down the tough stuff.
I can't say enough good things about Vital Stem. I have decent insurance, not great, but it paid almost everything.
If there is anyway you can afford it....I say being able to eat is worth about any price. I was miserable before that....

Advanced Therap...
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Hello Michelle: I wanted to inform you that Advanced Therapy of America is closed 10/29 and 10/30 due to the storm. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via email maria@advancedtherapyofamerica.com

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