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Shades of Grey

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Yhis was the topic in my chemo rom this week. my friends were telling me someone brought in a Kindle and started reading aloud this story about sex...they said they shutnthendorr and turned off the tv and had a good ole time. I missed it but it was fun to hear the comments come from some prim and proper ladies.I am not sure what this book is about but everyone is reading..got love. It..Val

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It's the new "hot" book. I do the purchasing for the library near me and we bought it in hardcover, audiobook and ebooks to download on kindles/iPads etc. It has huge waiting lists. I haven't read it yet, but my daughter-in-laws loved it.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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it's a real steamy book. I was tempted to read it but I figure why torment myself reading about sex when I have no partner. HA HA.


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Audiobook? I can barely read it without blushing, much less listen to it!

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Sounds like something I'll have to read! :)


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I broke down and bought it for my Nook. WOW! It goes from hot and steamy to sweet and saucy. I hope my daughter doesn't read it though, it will give her the totally wrong idea about what making love is all about!

In the meantime, this old wife will keep reading and blushing fifty shades of red!



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Very interesting book...keeps mind off troubles.

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