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multi cancer lynch syndrom , remove my entire urinary track or remove cancer only ? stats on success for each procedure ?

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They found another cancer in my left kidney , transitional cell carcinoma , and the right kidney is already removed from a previous cancer on 2007 .
The urology surgeon gave me two choices 1) remove only the cancer 2) remove the entire urinary tract.
Are there any studies or statistics for success rates on cancer in the remaining kidney , depending on the cancer size , grade , and which surgical treatment was done????
my history:
I’m a male of 52 years old. type 2 diabetic , high blood pressure under control . I have Lynch Syndrome , deletion of the MSH2 gene
1992 found a grade 2 colon cancer in the splinic flexure , removed splinic flexure and lymph nodes . Had chemo
1998 found a cancerous polyp in colon , removed the entire large colon ,
2006 - 2007 found transitional cell carcinoma polyps in uritor , Bladder , prostate , urethra, and later in the right kidney , right kidney uritor and lymph node removed ,
did BCG treatment from 2007 to 2008 in bladder
2012 found a transitional cell carcinoma in the left kidney, most of the tumor is in the central urine duct of the kidney .
Need to choose from
1) remove the cancer only , risks , a piece of the cancer is sucked into a vain , the cancer is in a lymph node , the kidney fails, surgeon has no chance to check other organs and Lympthnodes (understand that with Lynch syndrome, a new cancer may appear with in a year or two).
The positives , may not need dialysis, still have urinary functions .
2) removal of the entire urinary track , kidney , uritor , bladder , prostrate , urethra . and all support tissue
risks : bleeding out , bowl problems , be on Dialysis the rest of my life , cannot recieve a transplant ...
positives , removes most of the tissue that cancer may occur in , the surgeon can look at the other organs for abnormalities , may postpone cancer , cancer may occur in stomach next .

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I wish i could offer insight into your decision as it is a very diffacult one that is well beyond my paygrade to try and Answer. Please leave this decision to your doctors and close family members. Whatever decision you make after giving it careful consideration wil be the right one. Our prayers are with you.


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Way beyond my paygrade, also. This sort of question calls for truly expert knowledge and would be better addressed to the much more knowledgable crowd on KIDNEY-ONC, where there are quite a few professionals in this field. You will get great support here but more expertise there. All of us here will be wishing we were better equipped to offer you advice and we will all be wanting the very best for you.

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