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New Here!

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Good morning everyone!

First off I have read alot of your posts... And Thank You.

My name is Trisha, and as you can tell my my user name, my hubbie is Kevin. he was diagnosed 3 years ago with Renal cell carcinoma. He had a left nephrectomy and was told he was 95% cured. Well that wasn't true. It metastisized to his pancreas, and had to have a whipple procedure. So he is also brittle diabetic. Sice it has metastisized to his right kidney, both lungs, and lymph nodes. They took his lower left lobe of the lung, and as of a recent CT scan, the other and new metastasized spot in his lung, they found in march, has doubled its size as well as metstasized to the linning of his lungs. He was on sutent for a year and now going to be starting Everolimus in about a month. We remain positive and look forward to talking with everyone!! Cheers! Stay positive... Hugz Trisha

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Sorry you have the need to be here but welcome.

So--if I understand correctly--your husband was diagnosed three years ago and had a left nephrectomy. How long after his nephrectomy did they find it had metastsized to pranceas, right kidney, lungs, and lymph nodes? Has Sutent been the only drug taken so far?

I know this is a difficult time for you; my husband also is stage 4/grade 4 clear cell. He is currently in a MDX-1106/Votrient trial at Johns Hopkins. Have you investigated any trials? Currently, kidney cancer research is buzzing with new treatments/medicatons. Where is your husband currently receiving treatment?

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We are here for you.


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As optomistic as we try and be on this board a 95% recovery rate still means that only 1 in 20 given that diagnosis will end up with complications. Hopefully the additional problems will resolve themselves and you can stay out of the 5% and say that you are still in the 95%, but with a few more problems than you anticipated.


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