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Me and the Mouse

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Hi All,

Just want to let you all know that Hubby and I are taking a quick trip out of town.
My daughter, son in law and the grands have planned a trip to Disneyland. They are driving there tomorrow. The kids have NO idea that they are going. They are spending the night tonight at the beach and then telling the kids that instead of driving back home, they are going to drive along the pacific coast all the way to Disneyland!
My grands LOVE Disneyland and talk about going all the time. Every trip they have made there, I have been with them.

Well this time my daughter asked us to go too, fly down for a day or so and just relax.
I looked into going, but felt too stressed to really make a plan. Plus it is expensive for such a short trip. So I told her no, we will not make it this trip. No close hotel rooms available etc..Sad sad sad. I love Disneyland too!

Well last night I was looking again, and found room at the Disney Hotel! So hubby and I talked and felt that we NEED to go, just for our own stress reliever. I did not tell my daughter, we will call her when we are inside Disneyland and ask her how the surprise went with the kids and what ride are they waiting for.. Then we will show up and surprise the whole bunch of them!

So we fly down there on Tuesday morn and return Friday afternoon. I am so looking forward to a little relaxing in the sun, riding my favorite rides, watching the grands have a super wonderful time, spoiling them of course and just not having to think of all that has gone on lately and still is going on in my/our lives.

It's a little crazy to just take a trip in such a short time, but the Mouse is calling me..
You only live once and money is no use when you are gone, so off to the Magic Kingdom I go.

If I have a moment I'll post an update.
Keeping you close wherever I go,

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(In the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars)

"Lisha, Remember the mouse will be with you - always ... " LOL

Hugs and have a great time !


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Wow...what a fun and exciting adventure, and to spring the surprise element will make it all the better! We took the grand kids to Disneyland,Sea World and the San Diego Zoo in 2000 and had a blast! Then in 2002 we took them on a big road trip to the Grand Canyon (helicopter ride over the canyon)...Mt Rushmore, then the Bad Lands and Little Big Horn, finishing up with a 3 day stay in Vegas. I'm sooo glad we did it and the kids still talk about the fun we had. Life is short..we need to hold fast to our family and do as many fun things as possible! Enjoy your trip and take pictures to share back! Love you...Sue

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miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

You are so right. "You only live once and money is no use when you are gone." Your
life can change in an instant. I think this rule applies to everyone. You can be well
and the next day might change. My friend was bit by a friend's dog that she has known
since he was a puppy. Since she is diabetic, she was in the hospital twice, and
has been on heavy anti-biotics since. She was feeling so good, looking forward to
our club opening for the summer.

May I make a suggestion. Upon entering Disneyland, rent a wheelchair. You can use it
if you get tired. Or you can store a few things that you bring along. Also, Disneyland
is so expensive. When we took our grandchildren to Disney in Florida we brought along a
large water cooler with ice. We also rented 2 carriages if one of them should complain and whine about being tired. We hung the water cooler on one carriage. Even though the kids were over 5, we ended up using both carriages.

God Bless and enjoy. Love Maggie

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Hi Maggie

Thank you for the suggestions. We are planning on renting a wheelchair, mostly for Hubby who has bum knees, but also for me when I am just to tired to go another step. fatigue is still a big issue these days.

I hope your friend continues to improve and enjoy her summer.

Thanks again

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Sounds like a great plan to me! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time! It's always great to go places like this. I used to live in Anaheim and worked really close to Disneyland in a restaurant called Spires maybe you can go eat there with your family, they had really good food! I went to Disney several times myself and also when I had my kids. I've also been thinking of doing something like this, since my little girl has never been there. Hopefully by next year and if things stay the same we'll go as well.
Stay safe and take care of yourself!!! (((Hugs)))


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Since I am filthy rich I would go for it. LOL Ha-Ha. Believe that and I can maybe sell you that bridge I have up in Brooklyn.Seriously though I think you deserve the trip. You are so right about not being able to take it with you. So many people have to learn that we can't take anything with us at the exit poll. So enjoy yourself going to Disneyland. John

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Sorry, but bridge buying is not high on my to do list. I don't even like walking across bridges. To high up for me.
When I was younger, my parents took me and some visiting relatives to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. I got about a quater of the way and was SO SCARED I ran back to the car and refused to get back on the bridge. I did get in trouble since my folks thought I was just being a brat. I was terrified. To this day I will not walk across that bridge! I don't even like driving across it. It moves in the wind. Makes it stable during an earthquake, no thanks!

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Hi All,

Thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom and support. Today I am saying to myself, "you are nuts to do this and spend so much money for such a short trip".
But when I read your replys to my post, I feel better about it all.

I do need a break from the stresses of life and from what the future is bringing my way.
And, it's only money...
My beloved Mom did leave me some money and I know she would want me to have some amount of happiness and fun.

We never know what life holds for us around the corner, I do know that mine will have some challenges I will have to overcome. So I am going to live in the moment and relish the joyful time I can spend with my family, especially my three grands!

Thank you all for always being the very best friends and sharing your wisdom and your journeys with me. I am always grateful..

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Hello everyone. With your comments and conversations here, I was get enticed to go to Disneyland. I've never tried to go there once and I need some ideas and suggestions on how and what to do to get there. What do I need in order for me to get there. Does it require QA certification? Any help please.

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May you all enjoy your trip to Disneyland. Its nicer to avail the cheap disneyland tickets in order to have many rides and fun without spending too much. I'd be glad to assist you and reserve tickets for you there. Kindly mail me or simply reply to this if you want to avail those discounted tickets we offer. God bless!

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