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Do not take benadryl if you are taking tamoxifen.

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Giant Poodles
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I saw a post about someone doing this to sleep. But it keeps the tamoxifen from working. You can google to find out more info. Just thought I would let you guys know.

New Flower
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Thanks Are you sure
My oncologist aweare of me taking both, Benadryl for allergy and never said anything. I will ask at my next visit.

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Some months back, CypressCynthia (a registered nurse, for any of you who may not have "met" her yet) posted a link from a professional medical source with a list of medications that have been shown to inhibit Tamoxifen's effectiveness to one extent or another.

And yes, I remember that Benadryl was on that list, as well as Tagamet (which is why I've switched to Zantac for occasinal hearburn troubles).

CC, any chance that you still have that link? It was a great list, which I should have printed out for future reference.


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why would our doctors NOT tell us that? wow..


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Here are a couple of charts you may find useful:

Tamoxifen Guide



New Flower
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Makes sense to me
Many are awear of antidepressants because they are taken on regular basis for long time.
Benadryl is never taken for more than 4 to 7 days, and it is moderate I hibitor. I think one should look benefits of Benadryl overweight reduction in antiestrogen activity of Tamoxinen.
Good info thanks

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That's good to know. Although, I have to say, after having it as premeds for chemo, I don't think I'll ever take Benadryl again. It gave me horrible restless leg syndrome and made me very loopy. I was so doped up I couldn't even talk. It was quite humorous! Even though I know it was much stronger than over the counter - I have no desire to ever see it again!

Hugs, Debi

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Oh yes, Debi, I remember well that enormous bag of IV Benadryl during chemo....my girlfriend described it as "enough Benadryl to down a cow."

I think New Flower makes a good point about making a distinction between a drug that you take every day, long-term (such as an antidepressant) and one that you take only occasionally, for a few days.

For me, once I started Tamoxifen, it was easy to throw away the Benadryl I had in my medicine cabinet and instead ask my doctor for a prescription for occasional sleepless nights. But, if I had terrible allergies and Benadryl was the only thing that worked, then I agree with New Flower that it's important to talk with our doctors and weigh the risks and benefits.


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