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keeping the faith

renal scare 57
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im speaking on behalf of my husband he wanted me to do update. doctors gave him a few weeks we have since gotten hospice and they seems to be doing ok just so much to think about now he is starting to have lot of back and chest pain but other than that he is doing so so found two new tumors this morning they are totally being aggresive on his body. he said sorry for not updating more just very tired but wants everyone to keep pushing for a cure that someday will come and to not quit fighting

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As caregiver and wife, this must be so difficult for you. But isn't hospice such a blessing? God bless - and am holding you both up in prayer and support.


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Praying for the both of you!!


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Hang tough RS. Hang tougher Mrs. RS. We love you. Fox.

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I know how hard this must be on you both, and wish there was a way to ease your pain. But continue to know you have our support and prayers. We won't quit fighting!

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It breaks my heart just to read this ,i am so sorry for you and your husband nobody should have to go thru this,i will pray for both of you.I read a post once not sure where but what it refered to was that either way we do beat cancer if not here on earth then we win when our souls are released from our bodies and go to heaven and our cancer is left in our bodies on earth to die,try to stay strong and keep the faith,

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Words cannot comfort you or ease your pain as your husband's journey here ends, I wish they could. His pain will soon be done and all of life's mysteries will be resolved as he awaits your reunion in but a blink of an eye. You will be together again in a world free of doubt, sickness, or pain, I hope you can take solace in that in time.



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I am very sorry to read this I wish there was something I could do for him. I will be thinking of you both & thank you for updating here.

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Hoping that he is being made as comfortable as possible and that he knows we WILL all keep on both fighting for ourselves and also praying for him. It's a platitude but true, nonetheless, that while there's life there's hope.

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I've read your husband's first post and now this one.

I just want you to know that I was truly touched by his optimism and was really pulling for him.

May you and your family be comforted knowing that he will soon be free from pain and suffering and HAPPY!

Dry those tears and pick up the fight that he left off at. He will be guiding you every step of the way.

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My heart goes out to the both of you..I lost my husband 8 years ago after a long battle with dementia and ptsd. I know how hard this is for the both of you..I will be praying for you every day. May you find peace soon..


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