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my surgery update

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Well I made it throught the liver surgery . They did not do the hipic. They took 5% of my liver and have to start chemo in a few weeks.Not looking forward. To this.I have to just try to find my positive side but I am right now just looking at all the bad and feeling depressed.

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hang in there, find something, anything to laugh about even if it is at yourself - sending a hug your way

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Sounds like a successful surgery I hope. I am sorry about the chemo though, but you'll find the strength to get through it. It's okay to be down. You'll pick yourself up when you need to.

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Many healing thoughts coming your way. Take it easy and build your strength back up.

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Two pieces of good news---the liver surgery is done, and HIPIC wasn't needed. Those two worries are behind you now.
As far as starting chemo, it can be very difficult for some, and milder for others---who knows how it will effect you?
Either way people do get through it, and go on to live their lives.
You can do this....believe it.
Take care,

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Post operation you will be exhausted and drained and are trying to face up to the next challenge of chemo already. In this state you will undoubtably feel daunted and depressed. Give yourself some time to heal and recover from what you have been through and then once you have gathered your strength face the next step. Don't try and face it all as one huge thing- just get through each step at a time.

Well done on gatting through the surgery and now take time to recoup.


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Another step done! Hopefully chemo will be good to you. My surgery is the 19th - next week, I'm just looking forward to getting it over with, then I have chemo. Good luck with chemo, stay strong!

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The positive thing about having the surgery over is that suregery is over! Time to heal and relax as much as possible. One step at a time. I don't like chemo either so I feel for you on that one but if you have to do it, then you will handle it just fine. Wishing youa speedy recovery!

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i think it's pretty common to feel depressed afterwards, especially when facing further treatment. I know I've often had down periods in the aftermath. I've found that it helps a little to just take each moment as it comes, and not look too far down the road. Sending hope and strength your way-Ann

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Today may be a down day, but there are better ones ahead. I used to tell my children "You wouldn't recognize your good days if you didn't have any down days to compare them to"The best of luck tto you!!!

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I'be had two major surgeries within 12 weeks and started chemo....you can do this!
I had many down days and you cant help but feel depressed but take it hour by hour and
keep in mind you are on your way to recovering!

It will get better even if week by week!

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You are not alone and you wouldn't be "normal" if you didn't get somewhat depressed. Allow yourself some time to deal with the hard emotions. Just don't wallow. You'll get your resolve back in a few days and then you can move forward. In the meantime, you have friends here who really do understand.



Cathleen Mary
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Be gentle with yourself. You have been though a lot and some things only time will help. It is daunting to face more treatment but the strength will be there. For now, just heal.

We are all rooting for you.
Cathleen Mary

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Glad that the surgery went well. You have every right to feel the way you do. Hoping that your upcoming treatment goes well for you. Wishing for a speedy recovery.


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Hope treatment makes wonders !

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Glad to hear the surgery went well. NOW comes the healing part, give yourself some time.
Then comes the treatments, one day at a time.
You are on your way, try to find something to laugh about, watch some old Lucille Ball mo vies if you like those.
I wish you a speedy recovering and man y smiles along the way.
Hugs, Marjan

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We are glad that the surgery went well! I cope with the big C by perceiving this is my new normal. It may not be my past normal, it is what it is.

Best Always, mike

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