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I was too busy to post, since my daughter is fighting Leukemia. But I read all the time. I also keep every one in my prayers. But it's a long time I haven't seen anything from Maggie. May God bless all of you and give you peace and endurance to manage and fight this horrible disease. Love to all of you. June

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And prayers for your daughter, you and your family. YOu have a full plate!!

I've also missed Maggie and wonder what's happening. Does anyone have her private email???
Last news here was she was starting IV VitC therapy. I hope she is well and having a grand time but it would be great to know what's happening.

Mary Ann

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June and Mary Ann,

Maggie apparently lives near me. She said in one post that she walks past my street on her way to work. I have tried to find out more as I, too, miss her and would like to know how she is. I know that her work entails some type of therapy. I have looked in the area phone book under both Maggie and Margaret Wilson under general listing and also any kind of therapist I could think of as well as searching both names on Google.

If anyone can remember anything that might be helpful, I will continue to try to find her. I sincerely hope that in Maggie's case "No news is good news."

If you want to send any ideas to me via email, I am at bots@gmail.com.

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My email address is botsarnold@gmail.com not bots@gmail.com. Sorry for the mistake.

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