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Rose Bowl, Hula Bowl...no...Toilet Bowl

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It's funny what things become important to us while riding the ovarian cancer wave. I have been fighting constipation for the last couple of months. I have tried so many things and finally have been "normal" for the last week. I am so happy and relieved. Since my CA 125 went up a couple of months ago, I have been more aware of everything and having bowel problems was not reassuring. My latest "cocktail" is two stool softeners at night and three doses of fiber powder daily, usually in my coffee.

When I went to the bathroom this morning I saw exactly what Dr. Oz described as what poop should look like. It is just such a relief. I was really worried because I had even tried a laxative and that didn't work.

Sorry for the graphics; my cousin tells me I talk more about poop than anyone she knows.

As I said it's amazing what makes me happy these days!


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So if there is poop in the bowl we are ok...I have to Mr. Clean my bowl daily..val

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I know my sister is all about her bowel movements. We laugh because what used to be a private "embarrassing" thing is no more. When she has to go she goes and everyone knows! lol And, we are relieved about it!

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You ladies understand how important poop is! My problem lately is the opposite. For the past week, I've been having about one episode of diarrhea per day, where I have to hurry to the toilet. Normally I have about four or five small bowel movements per day (I'm lucky to have regular movements!), with some constipation, which I dealt with by taking a little Metamucil (power laxative) each evening and a stool softener. I'm not used to having diarrhea but I recently had a partial small bowel obstruction, likely due to adhesions (scarring) from my October 2010 surgery. I feel that the diarrhea is connected to this. A couple of days ago, I started eating one or two bananas per day, and that seems to be helping. Other than the diarrhea, I'm feeling good and making sure I drink plenty of liquids.

It's comforting to be able to talk to you about this. Other than my husband, I don't talk to anyone else about my "pooping habits".


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HA... I also saw that episode of Dr. Ozs about what normal poop should look like. I have such unbearable constipation with every infusion that it rules my life. I worry constantly about bowel blockages. I'm on a month long chemo break and I am experiencing normal pooping for the fist time in ages. It's heaven.. that's the only way to describe it.

I have a dear friend that listens to my poop woes for hours... bless her heart.

((((HUGS)))) Maria

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Love your subject title, Karen! This became a topic of conversation between me and my husband after I was diagnosed. Never would have thought we'd have those discussion. Now, due to medications he's on from an auto accident years ago, this has been a horrible problem for him. Thus, our discussions continue, and I can certainly understand how miserable he has been over the years.

Rejoice in the 'fruits of your efforts'! This is a big deal!


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Thanks for bringing it up, we have all been on the roller coaster. I have been doing pretty good lately and so excited when things work like they should. I do have to mention that I have been buying Activia yogurt and it seems to be keeping me normal. I usually have one or 2 of them a day. Sometimes it is the small things in life that we appreciate, because to us it is a big thing to be able to go normally. Sharon

garden gal
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so true. Once upon a time I never looked in the toilet bowl. Now it's what do we look like today. This how I start my day. Like susan said it's the little things in life. Kathy

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Karen, you are right, I never thought I would be so grateful for even somewhat "normal" BM's.

Interestingly enough, poop, and all that surrounds having a healthy one is a very acceptable/common topic of conversation amongst Japanese. When my kids started pre-school, I was shocked to see that I needed to write down their "poop life" (when, how often and what color) on the form. And friends exchange information at lunch, as if they were discussing caring for their garden. So odd, if you are not used to it.

I have found that since being on avastin, my poop has been much more in the normal range. I don't know if there is any connection, but it makes me happpy.


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