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come out on the limb with me, latest life extension news antioxidants and cancer, amazing probiotics article and caveats

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now if we all go out on the anti oxidant limb, well i suspect the limb will break.

have a read of the lef article below, remember these guys sell antioxidants.
i would be interested in comments for and against, i want really get into serious discussion got yoga and meditation and juices to make. i do feel reassured that my approach is being echoed by some organisations, even if they exist out of it. the aricle seemed balanced


i have included the probiotics article just if anyone is interested how a couple of pounds of bugs may have been a factor in our dx. i found it while looking for the science of how enemas upset our gut bacteria.

Some even though alot of the lef stuff i like, i have many resrvsations and conflicts.
I basically share it here to share the confusion. i this post on my blog is what one researcher believes to be a great weakness with lef based strategies regarding dietary antioxidants. read the first study.

now this study explains why antioxidants have a dark side and care and awareness is needed.
as i understand it we shoudl avoid the pro oxidative effect. and of course honey does sound so simple. but how does it fit in with the sugar and glucose theories of cancer. well that another discussion.


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I am a believer that anything we do to excess can contribute to ill health...even the 'good' stuff.

In the world we live in, it is even hard to get 'true' organic foods. While the grower may not add any pesticides, etc. the soil in which food is grown can have things which are not good for us and are taken into the plants. Even growing your own can be compromised depending on the soil. Even the rain falling from the sky may contain pollutants from other sources.

I think probiotics can have their place in intestinal health, but again what source do you trust. Here in the USA it is not a regulated med so one can never tell exactly what you are getting.

Sorry to be such a 'downer'. Life seems to be a crap shoot. While there are many things we know we should avoid like smoking, toxic chemicals and the like, the list of what will make us better seems to have its own limitations.

The bottom line seems to be...do what you feel makes you feel better...if that is berries for antioxidents or something out of a bottle...do what you feel is best for your body.


Marie who loves kitties

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Even crappy soil, believe it or not the bugs have a rat proven role in minimising the harm poisons and carcinogens have on the liver by reducing reabsorption in the large intestine, in that way they protect our liver.

The debate about antioxidants is actually between scientists. The doctors even alternatives and once cannot have a basic discussion about these.

The lef story came in and I thought, how cute. Now I respect these guys, they have an agenda but I like what I read from them.


Ps for us crc's I think crap **** better describes our lot

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