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the real truth

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Had to title it with something. Why does PSA rise,is it cancer cells? I was reading some of the discussions about people dying from things. My poor wife passed away May 26,2012 because she had so many complications her ot come would have been doubtful. I gave them permission. If she was alive she would be all over me about my health.
My PSA went from a .8 to a 1.6 after surgery(years ago ) and a wasted IMRT session 39 days. Should I start hormon treatment(dreading this)or hold out excersize and loose weight
and blueberry juice.Or somekind of juice
Being that my wife died I have lost my appitite(sp). Do the Docs give you a blood test for testostrone leval.
My sexual libido is shot to hell anyway. I got some viagra form the doc .Works pretty I can admire my erection in the mirror. I had to watch a video to get results otherwise nothing.
So I suppose you have to resign yourself to teatment. Iam going to get a coloscopy.Dread that too . I suppose after witnessing my wife dying,death is a very real thing.She came in with heart problems and three weeks later was dead. (there is more to this than what Iam saying )she was on dialysis for years and I think her health slowly went bad.
It wasn,t supose to be that way we were married 35 yrs and I was totally dependent on her (a pyschological problem here )
Well any getting back to hormon shots,Iam just afraid the side efects will interfer with my job as a security guard(lot of walking) I would welcome any comments on combating side effects


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Sounds like you you need professinal help from an oncologist. Do you need some counseling also? Do you have primary care doctor that could coordinate with your specialists?
Colonoscopies are usually not bad. Risks are small and let them know you want good sedation.

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Most of us on this board are going to die. We arw just trying to prolong it as long as possible. I am sorry your wife died, but that does not mean you have to die. Not surw how old you are or where you have been. Sometimes death becomes familiar. You want it to go away, but the harder you try the worse it gets. I do not think that. Death is an issue. Death is coming for all of us. Sorry for your loss, but you are still alive. Now it is on you to see if you can survive, or if you want to give up and die, then it is on you. Most of us here are trying everything we can to live.
Sorry for your loss, but your survival is up to you.

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death is so common place. you do not realize the mental it puts you in after losing someone you have been with for 35 yrs or being to to go for IMRT treatment it doesn,t even lower the PSA(prostate taken out already) so that was 39 wasted trips and Urology of Austin makes some insurance money. So maby no hormon shots this time ,still grieving I Don,t want to be in the middle of clearing up affairs and have to put up with hot flashes or that extra belly fat.No make bones about it do it want cancer back NOOO! to muchpain in that Ahh yes I suppose the hormon shots will come unfortuatly my curse for being on this world

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Sorry for your loss and your apparently worsening (or at least not improving) physical condition post-surgery and IMRT.

It's easy to get depressed after the loss of a lifelong partner and having to deal w/your PCa treatments alone only adds to the problem.

From the sound of your posts, I really think you should try to get some professional counseling (which should be covered by your insurance) to help you deal all of the negative emotions affecting you. Ask for a referral from your primary care physician or local mental health organization.

Best wishes and good luck!

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