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The intergrative Doctor...again!

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Lab's just in: Besides taking me off all supplements(Cur cumin, Pepper, Black Raspberries,ect) he has now taken me off ALL B-vitamins, Folic Acid, Iron,and my regular multivitamin, and has me on D-3 only. Maybe it's me, but fatigue has hit me like a brick wall! Said the T-3 thyroid was normal but the other TH(something, I forgot) was too high, though I am still GAINING weight. More confused than ever and so darn tired! debrajo

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Debrajo, I have been treated for low thyroid issues for many years. The care is managed by my internist. Routine - just annually now that is essentially under control with current levothyroxine (Synthroid) dose. The tests monitored are T4 and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). A high TSH can indicate inadequate thyroid hormone, a low can indicate too much. Doctors goal is steady mid-range level. Perhaps the integrative doctor is not best specialist to be evaluating your thyroid condition.
Hope this helps.

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It did help Annie! I have had a low thyroid problem most of my life. My GP usually monitors my thyroid, but is like you say, not the best dr. to do this. I will see him this month and the in Nov I will get a referral(if not before)to an endocrinologist at md Anderson. The dr. did say the TSH was too high so maybe that is why I can't lose the weight! Thanks Annie, best debrajo

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The last thing we cancer patients need is extra folate or iron--too much of either is nearly as bad as too much glucose in our system. Cancer cells apparently love both sugar in any form (including white bread, pasta, and rice) as well as iron. That's one reason we shouldn't eat TOO much red meat or commercial baked products such as crackers and cereals, which often have added iron.

In fact, our blood tests should include ferritin levels. And those levels should be no higher than 150 (50-150 is ideal for adult women according to Dr. Keith Block, who wants to see ferritin levels under 100, ideally, for female adults).

We get plenty of iron from beans and green vegetables in a form that isn't as damaging as heme iron from red meats.

If you're feeling tired or hemoglobin is low, perhaps your doctor can recommend either of th following: astragalus (used for thousands of years by Asian civilizations, an immune and energy support), or rosea rhodeola, an adaptogen that astronauts are often given to enhance stamina. GAIA makes a supplement that combines both; it helped me when my blood counts were low after chemo.


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Along with Rosey, I'm glad to hear that the iron was cut out of your supplements. Many cancer survivors are erroneously treated for iron deficiency with iron supplementation, which is misguided, since iron is an angiogenic. Often, iron defieciecy is a result of pernicious anemia, an autoimmune condition. This will not resolve by taking iron supplements, but is related to poor methylation of vitamin B12. Have you had your thyroid antibody tested (TPO)? Your fatique may be due to Hashimoto's, which is an autoimmune condition affecting the thyroid. It will skew the other thyroid levels.

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Thank to Rosey, Annie and Tethys41 for all the info. I looked back over the tests and I at 5.32 on TSH, normal is 0.27-4.20 I am way over on Folate, 42.3, normal is 7.3-26.1 and I am over also on B12, 1016, normal is 211-946. the T-4 is good at 1.25 and the ferritin is 116 normal 13-150. Just went back to the primary dr. and he ordered 10 new tests including all the thyroid and a A1C since I am pill control diabetic. Maybe we will get to the bottom of this when these new test come back. I sure hope so...all this cost over 800.00 dollars that my insurance MAY cover part! Thanks to all again, best, debrajo

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