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Mom's birthday coming up

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So excited to celebrate my mom's bday later this month. She's had a rough year and has been so courageous. It will be her first bday since getting diagnosed last July and she's been a fighter for 10 months now. I don't think I let the group know she moved from UCSF to City of Hope.

The recurring tumor had blocked her ueriters causing kidney failure. They placed stents that failed so she now has tubes coming from her kidneys-- somewhat of a catheter setup. She's currently undergoing chemo and despite all the struggles, she's still in good spirits and laughs a lot. Shes on dilaudid pain pump to manage the pain and has even had the dose reduced! Also, the tumor is shrinking a bit because urine is now draining to her bladder....which is a good sign. Who knew you'd ever celebrate someone's ability to urinate?! What a crazy experience we are all going through.

Hoping all the caregivers here get to celebrate the birthdays of our courageous EC fighters!

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When we have EC, birthdays are very special. Hope mom has a wonderful birthday!

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