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My husband has stage four colon cancer that is treatable, but incurable. He is currently in very good health (despite the cancer) and receiving treatment after a long break. For five years we've been using home and personal products from a "natural" company, but for several reasons have discontinued our membership. I'm not looking to replace these items with others that are non-toxic and don't contain a lot of artificial ingredients. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good bar soap that moisturizes, but doesn't irritate very sensitive skin? I've seen liquid soaps, but would like a bar since that's what my husband prefers. I have several I'm considering, but thought asking here might save me some time. Thank you.

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Hi! My mom had stage 4 non-hodgkin's lymphoma and has very sensitive skin as well. She has tried many products. She has found good results from Neutrogena, Burt's Bees, and Tree Hut.

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My husband has stage 3B lung cancer and he also likes bar soap. He has had very good luck with Dove bar soap.

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