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Hey Sundanceh

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I was just reading about the side effects you have from avastin....skipped heart beat, etc.

I wonder if you would have it checked out thoroughly ( i know you've been busy ), that there would be a cardiac med that could keep you "beating regularly". Lots of people have heart irregularities and have it managed. As the population gets older, it seems like almost everyone has a pacemaker (not that you would need that now). But seems like a med could drastically help and could be potentially preventative of further related heart issues.

Just thinking......again.

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That's sure something to consider, J. My first onc dismissed my claim...no surprise there. I'll have to run this up the flagpole for my new onc and get his opinion next time I see him.

I've been living with it about 4-years....at first, it was scary, you'd really have to catch your heartbeat...I've gotten so used to it now...I don't know now if it skips so much as stutters...like your transmission that occasionally gets stuck and whumps into gear.

I'll put this on my list...perhaps a cardioligist could run tests to help me confirm...I'd hate to be on any meds...I am med free, except for a zyrtec d for sinus.

Thank you for your input...


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I agree. Please talk with your doctor about this!


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Meds or skipped heart beats, Hmmmm???? Since my stent was put it, I went from one blood pressure pill to 6 pills a day now. Yep, I know, it sucks, it makes me feel old, I begin to wonder who I can play "I take more pills then you do with", it's a game to see which pill can be swallowed with what pill to make them go down together faster...LOL, oh well, it's beats the other possibility.
Do take the good advice above and get it checked out, okay my friend?
Winter Marie

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