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Hi ladies

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Has been awhile since I posted. First diagnosed 5/11 with 3c ovca. Took nine txs of carbo/taxol to get ca125 down to 22. Took a little break and restarted maintenance of taxotere and avastin in March 12. Ca125 now has shot up to 340. Onc started me on Gemzar and kept avastin yesterday. Just had a ct 5/22 and onc said everything looked good. Anyway anybody else taking this combo ? I am still strong and feeling pretty good so I am ready to start again !!!! I took gemzar yesterday, go back in one week for another gemzar and then off for 2 weeks. I already have trouble with platelets staying up and they also said this could affect white counts as well. I was just wondering about side effects and such?? I am also planning a 2nd opinion trip to M.D.Anderson in Orlando sometime next month. Anybody ever gone there? Onc was happy for me to go. Helping me to get all records ready. I just want to do something radical or maybe see what all there is to see ? Hard to put into words, but I just feel the need. I hope all of you are doing well. I read posts most every day. I also pray for us all daily. Blessings ladies.. thanks for any info

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I, too, am lllC, and I just finished my prescribed 6 rounds of Gemzar/Carbo for a recurrence (my first). I found it a lot easier than the Taxol/Carbo I had in 2011. My hair did thin quite a bit, but it sure beats being bald! I suffered a lot from deep exhaustion, but other than these symptoms, it really wasn't that bad for me. I don't have my follow-up PET/CT scan until the 18th, but my CA-125 is back down to 7. Hope it stays that way.

Crossing my fingers for you.

Cheers, Jo

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I don't have any personal experience with the drugs you're taking but glad you are feeling strong. Sending you good thoughts and prayers!


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