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Vinny, how are you and Dad?

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Hi Vinny,

I just was thinking about you and your Dad. How are you doing? And how is your Dad?
Has your Dad started any treatment yet and if so, how is he doing.

I hope that you are feeling fine and spending lots of time in your wonderful garden.

Keeping you and your Dad close in my thoughts..

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thanks for the kind thoughts, my Dad saw the surgeon and he knows that surgery is not a option, he will have another PET scan in three months to see if that tumor spread. If it didn't they will do a watch and wait. Hopefully it stays the same. I'm doing pretty well, the activity in my hip was the same as the last scan, but when I asked when can I get my port out, my doc just shook her head no. My wife and I had to put our golden retriever of 15 years to sleep a couple weeks back. I swear I would have go through chemo again to avoid that heartbreak! How are you making out my dear? Vinny

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Hi Vinny,

Sorry to hear about your dad. Honestly didn't know anything about that
so I guess I missed the post(s). I tried to search but didn't find anything.
Sending positive thoughts to you both.

Sorry to hear about your retriever though 15 years is probably above average
for a dog that size. My sister's grey poodle "Ozzie" nicknamed "OzBot",
"Ozzie Modo" and sometimes the "Four legged piranha", is over 17 years old.
Bless his heart (I'm so southern ;)) - his hearing and eyesight are fading
and he's on medications to contol fluid retention and stimulate apetite.
If you knew Ozzie, you'd never think he would ever need an appetite stimulant :).

He's still "tickin'" but sleeps most of the time and isn't very active and can't
get up/down stairs anymore. Philip (brother-in-law) built a ramp for him off the
back porch. He's not in pain and relatively comfortable. He's just very old and all that comes with that. Since my sister passed, I go to their house often to visit with Philip or take care of the dogs or house sit when he goes out of town. I'm a dog lover but haven't had one in several years. I've been thinking about adopting one for many reasons.

Anyway, I didn't mean to rattle on about that.

Hugs and the best to you and yours,


miss maggie
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Dear Vinnie,

I am so sorry for your worry about your dad, and your loss of your golden retriever.

We all do everything for each of our parent's. I know how hard it is for you to see your dad sick and the fear of losing him. He is blessed to have a son and daughter-in-law
like the 2 of you. I lost both parent's. I have so many pictures and memories.

The loss of your golden retriever has to weigh heavy on your heart. To come home and not see a member of your family hurts so much. 15 years is a long time, and now the emptiness
is unbearable.

You are in my thoughts. Love Maggie

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Hi Vinny,
Really sorry to hear about your dad's health, hoping that the tumor does stay the same! It's so hard to see your parents go through health problems and not be able to do anything for them, just try to be there for him for whatever he needs.
I also had a golden retriever back in San Diego but when we moved to El Paso, I gave him to a friend that lived in La Jolla (hell I thought I was doing him a favor)! He was gonna have a great life, living next to the beach with all those rich folks!!! But still miss him a lot...I regret giving him away but sometimes we just have to let go and hope for the best. Wishing you and your dad only the best, take care!


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Hi Vinny,
My prayers for your dad...hope his tumor stays where it's at and he can do the "watch and wait". I'm so sorry about your dog...breaks our heart when we lose our precious pets. Take care and know you are "always" in my prayers! Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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I will be hoping and praying that all remains stable for your Dad. Our family friend was also told surgery was not an option. So far, she is doing well after receiving chemo and rads and a new hip too.

I am glad that you are doing well. Sorry that the Doc won't allow the port removal. Bummer for sure.

I am so so sorry about your golden. I can relate so much. Our girl is almost 10 and I see her starting to age some. Cannot imagine life without her. I have pictures of her on my expression page.

We had to put our little kitty to sleep a few years ago, she was 22 years old! I was so heartbroken, I could not even go with hubby to the vets office.

I seem to remember that you have more than one pup, is that right? Must be so hard for a furry family member to lose one of its' own. I know that Lola(dog) looked for Goldie(kitty) for a long time after she was gone. they were really good pals. Goldie was the alpha one, she even taught Lola how to wash her face just the way all kitties do. It's so funny to watch her lick her paws wet and then wash her face.

I am hanging in.. still avoiding the docs, just a bit. I know that it's never a good time but hoping for a little less stress in other areas before I start up with all the "fun" stuff again. Soon..

Enjoy your summer and your garden

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments.......

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