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Just checking in on you. I read your previous posts and I was wondering how you are doing? My sister was 29 when she was diagnosed with stage 3c OVCA.

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I am hanging in there. Pretty stressed. Had my Abdominal and 2nd Pelvic Ultrasound today as well as saw another specialist, Endocrinologist. I have no idea what those results are yet. I was watching her as the tech was looking over my liver and she was measuring a pretty sizable 'thing' on the screen. It looked like a hollow black golf ball... I have no idea what that was. Gallbladder maybe? But I thought that looked like a hollow pickle in Ultrasound, not round? She kept taking tons of photos of it, whatever it was. Had me hold my breath at least 14 times for lengthy periods of time to get good looks at it. If its a cyst its certainly a LARGE one. This tech also did the Trans-Vag and this time, she turned the screen away so I couldn't watch! That made me mad. Wouldn't answer how the 'little beast' looked (my complex mass on the ovary) and said the doctor would go over it with me, she wasn't at liberty, though, 'If I saw anything of grave concern I would have called doctor in here immediately...) not sure what that is supposed to mean. No one called the doctor in immediately when they found the 'little beast!' and he sure is causing all kinds of problems now! She didn't look at anything else but quick view of my kidneys. Is that normal? To not check anything over the bowels? She also told me she couldn't see my diaphragm well.

Went to the Endocrinologist. He was very curious about all my labs showing various abnormal things in my blood, but most especially my last MRI of the brain done in 2008, where it was discovered I had a 5mm tumor on my Pituitary Gland, that the Neurosurgeon then dismissed as nothing to really worry about. This Endocrinologist is ordering another MRI of my brain to take another look. He also did an ultrasound of my Thyroid and found a 'peanut' sized growth/nodule. He said he's going to wait to find out what happens in my surgery for the ovary, to decide what to do about the growth....see what they learn from the Ovarian Mass biopsy. Also ordered another round of blood labs and is forcing me to collect urine all weekend! Joy! Joy!

My Gyno-Oncologists office called today to schedule surgery. It's now set for July 3rd in the evening. Apparently, that is the soonest available as my surgeon will be on vacation til then! Happy 4th of July to me!

Can I ask you what kind of symptoms your sister was experiencing prior to diagnosis? I get a lot of the 'general' symptoms that are common but I kind of like to know what each person was experiencing before diagnosis in relation to what stage they ended up being.

My lymph nodes in my right groin are also very swollen, no longer going down as they used to. My ovarian mass is on that side too, so not sure what that means.

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We can deal with things much better when we have have answers. I developed a hernia at my navel, that was caused by internal pressure. I was very lucky for I was sent for emergency surgery during which they discovered I had OVCA. I had surgery again 3 weeks later, diagnosed 3C, and that was 6 years ago last month. My symptoms were very vague, bloating, constipation etc. and what woman doesn't experience that from time to time.

I'm not sure how to help you with this month long wait except to remind you that (as Carlene always says) "not everything is cancer". We're all here for you!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Waiting is the worst. My sister had terrible constipation for months which the MD kept brushing off as IBS. She did everything for constipation including enemas with no results. She had awful bloating and appeared to be 7 months pregnant. She felt awful. We finally went to the emergency room where they did a rectal exam and found a large mass and no stool in her rectal vault. They then did a CT scan which confirmed OVCA. Surgery was done a few weeks afterwards, followed by IP chemo and then months of cisplatin and avastin. During that time she had a mammogram done which showed a tumor. Biopsy confirmed the tumor in her breast was OVCA mets. Her last scan of her abdomen and mammogram show NO Evidence of Disease. Her CA 125 went from over 3,000 before surgery down to 36 at her last check. She is continuing with Avastin for maintenance every 3 weeks. It has been a long road but, she looks and feels great now and is hopeful that her future looks bright. She has a six year old daughter. She did want more children. Harvesting eggs and freezing the MD's said were not an option for her. I am not exactly sure why but, we did ask. If you would like I can give you her email address so you can chat with her. Hang in there. (easier said then done).

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Have not heard anything from you since July?

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