squamous cell carinoma or not...

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shalom to all.
I'm 44, British but live in the south of Israel, and a mother of 3

a month ago, a few spots appeared on my face and neck. one which was above my ear but below my hair line was very painful, and as much as I tried (and I did!!) it would not be squeezed or popped! The others spots disappeared but this one just got bigger. After about 10 or so days I was at the nurse, and asked if she could burst this horrible spot. She said she couldn’t but the doctor might be able to do it the next day.

The doctor was happy to try, but after looking at it more said he thought it was just a wart and better to go the dermatologist. I made an appointment for the next week, and spent the time scaring my children my showing them the every growing spot. ! lol

Went to the "skin doc" unsettled. The "spot" was now about 1.3 cm wide, raised from the skin, and very red at the point when it joined my head.
He took one look at it, told me to go straight away to a plastic surgeon to get it removed. I asked what it was but he didn’t really say (but it could have been lost in translation - my Hebrew is good but sometime my brain just doesn't understand it!). Made big mistake of googling what he had wrote (scc). Started to panic silently in the car – I tried to tell my husband but either he wasn’t listening or it scared him so much that he just ignored it)

Drove in the afternoon to see a plastic surgeon, (though our healthcare golden service). He said it defiantly looked like scc but because it had grown SO fast he doubted it. He said though I nearly it removing asap via a MOHs. operation. His office made me an appointment for the 18th of july – which is nearly 2 weeks away.

Now i am very confused and scared (thanks Google). They both said that I needed it removed ASAP .. so why the 18th? Is two weeks to long to wait? Its growing every day.. Now the color has changed from painful pink to dark red, and I have read via evil Google that scc can grow fast and it is defiantly not a reason to think its not scc.
I am going back to my family doctor today just to talk to him and show him how the "thing" has changes in the last few days. – i know the best way to remove it is via Mohs but i just cant wait until the 18th. Im scared that if its growing so quickly

Has anyone else been where in a similar situation? How long did you have to wait for the scc to be removed? Any advice will be gratefully received

thanks and best regards