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good news

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I talked to the charge nurse at wvu today to ask if my 14year old daughter can come and spend some time with me after i am discharged to the apartment i will be at for 30 days, she said yes and then i talked to her about what a hard time i am having finding someone to stay with me, after some questions and she found out that i can walk and get around by myself she said i can stay alone, i just have to put down my caregiver, it will be lonely but i can do it. blessings denise

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Finally some good news!!!!! I know you can do it!

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Great Denise!
You know you got us here as well :).
Hopefully your daughter or someone can stay with you -
especially at the beginning as you learn how you're handling
things after the procedure.

Big hugs,


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We all know how scared you felt thinking you had no one to stay with you. So many people had some good advice for you as far as checking out the options you had.I see you followed their advice and thats great. We are always here to help you and you know that. Whenever you need to vent or need advice you know we are here for you. John

miss maggie
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Denise, see things worked out. So happy you are feeling so much better. God Bless.

Love Maggie

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Why don't you Skype with all of us here. I work 8-5 but offer the use of technology to help.

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Denise what a relief! I'm so glad you have found your way. It will do you good to have some one on one time with your daughter too! We will be here for you if you start to feel lonely. Hang in there Denise, this too shall pass.

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Hi Denise,
Sounds like a pretty good plan. You might want to talk to your friends at church and let them know whats going on, and I bet you they will all offer to come by to clean and cook some meals for you. Just remember to ask for help when you need it because most people want to lend a helping hand. Hang in there and keep us informed. Much love, and best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Great News Denise!
I'm really glad that you can get your SCT and that hopefully your daughter can help you out for a little while. I know its going to be scary at the beginning but just try to plan ahead. Maybe you can purchase canned soups or ready to eat meals that you might just want to put in the microwave real quick. Or those ensure meals in a can anything that can make your life a little easier. Take care of yourself and please let us know how everything is working out for you! I will be praying for you that everything goes smoothly! (((Hugs)))


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Check into the Ensure drink like Liz suggested. You may be able to get it free or for a very low price. I was drinking it for a few months after Chemo and it seemed to really help. Please do not feel bad because the state is helping you. You really need it and thats what they are there for. There are so many people out there that are relying on the State and Federal government to support them that do not need it and depending on the taxpayers to support them and their entire families. You are NOT one of those people because you are truely in need right now. John

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it is so hard for me to ask for help, after having children with 2 men that would,nt pay child support or any other support that i got used to just do everything myself, so it makes it really is hard to ask, i do take anti-depresants and xanax i also see a therapist my first husband left me with post trumatic stress so sometimes its really hard to think about the cancer. thank all of you for being there and im sorry if i worried anyone sometimes i forget god will take care of everything blessings denise

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Talk to the nurses a bit more. Or if you have a cancer resource center. You should be eligible for some type of home care for after the procedure. If not, talk to cancer resources and I know where I live they give cancer patients assistance to pay for someone to be there if needed. I'm sure the state should have some type of assistance. I am unfamiliar with how it works where you are, but I know I have resources to help here. When I get my transplant I was told I can't go home, I would need to stay in the hospital for 30 days. I know that option sucks, but if you get stuck, is that an option for you? For meals try to see if you can see a dietitian before your procedure, maybe they can give you some pointers on how to eat during the 30 days and how to prepare.

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Happy to see your feeling better. Trust in Jesus

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