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If this doesn't encourage you then nothing will.
Jr's CT scan shows perfectly clear. They say he is like in remission, no chemo for over a month!!
This guy was suppose to be gone 16 months ago!!!!
Tell me there is no God!!!
Prayers work!!!
Thank you all for praying!!
God can do anything even with esophageal cancer!!!

We are so thankful!!

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What wonderful news--This should really give him a boost! God is still in the miracle making business!I have faith in that truth,

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Rose, that is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Would this be a perfect time to go see him and give him a big hug in person?

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When I posted the above I got the news from my mom first but here are the words from Kathy, Jr's wife.

"Pray for ray, we got test results doc said cancer has not spread, nor shrunk..he wants him to take a break from chemo...he says it will do him good..his blood is way too thin so they are watching this closely..the doc said he is in partial remission because the cancer is contained at the tumor..it is not spreading..we thank Our Good Lord for this...keep praying"

My mom made it sound like the scan showed clear, but this is probably what she thought she heard, she is 91 and her hearing is not good.

I talked with Jr yesterday and he is pleased with the results, just knowing the cancer has not spread and the tumor is not growing.
I did not know about his blood being so thin.

I will be seeing him next week (Lord's willing).

My CT scan is today at 3:30.
Please keep praying and thank you!

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Thinking of you and your family. May good news continue. BMGky

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So glad to hear the cancer is staying put and not advancing. Every bit of good news, no matter how small, is a win.

Prayers for many, many more wins!

Love & Hugs,

Wife to Nick, age 49

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Hello Rose,
Many congratulations.
We will all keep you in our daily prayers.
May God bless you and keep you all.
Prayers, love and hugs,
Marci x

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What wonderful news and what encouragement for all to hear. Thanks for sharing and hope this continues!!! take care,

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This post made me smile. My brother has EC and had his esophagus removed in April. We are all worried sick and your post is an unbelievable plus to read. Thank you for sharing and continued prayers for Jr's miraculous remission. God Bless.

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What a tremendous relief!

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