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I find myself in place I have only read about through CSN. After two years of our cancer battle (head and neck and then HCC)
my dad was told today that his body is shutting down. We have an appt with Pallative care tomorrow for a family planning meeting.
My heart hurts....its hard to imagine a life without him. I couldn't have more love,more pride for my papa! he has been so optimistic; a true fighter till the end! I hope that the rest of this journey is painless and that he will find peace. He is scared, this is the worst part :(

I have been reflecting a lot today, on the past two years; on cancer in general. I am so grateful to have found csn
This site has been my place to turn to. Your posts gave me hope when I thought all was lost. The posts on here are so important. Cancer is hard but it doesn't take away who you are. My dad made me realize this today. He is still funny and charming. Loves food even though he doesn't have an appetite ( watches the cooking channel all day) wants to throw a partiy and is still giving me a hard time. Cancer could take away his hope, didn't make him any less my dad couldnt break his spirtit. I was told at the begining of this journey "the doctors are not God" it meant so much to me then but even more today. The don't control your "life" Cancer may be what he dies from.... But he has lived!!!

My heart goes out to the rest of you. This is difficult to say the least.

All my best to you!

Lizy- daughter of Robert Anthony Hoeffer

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