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PET results

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Dad's first PET post completion of chemo rads showed "abnormal" signal at esophageal stomach junction. GI doc states doesn't look cancerous but scheduled endo next wed. We have onco meeting tomorrow. Has anyone had junction signal from anything other than cancerous cells?

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I wish I knew information to provide. Hopefully, more knowledgeable members will be on line and give you some information. At times, questions get missed. Please let us know what the doctors tell you. Good luck to you. BMGky

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So onco appt today and he said that there are three possibilities. Those are, malignancy, strictures, and acid reflux. PET showed very light uptake compared to past PET at diagnosis. Endo is scheduled for tomorrow at two. Here's hoping for clear biopsies!

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Radiation at the GEJ gave me an ulcer that is slowly healing. There was still some sign of cancer as well, but my esophagus was primarily chewed up by an ulcer, which the endoscopy saw.


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Endo showed no visible signs of cancer. It did show a few ulcers, not sure if it is from radiation or reflux. Biopsy will be ready Tuesday, but all in all exactly what we wanted to hear! Yeah us.

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I hope the ulcer/s clear up soon and so glad it wasn't worse than this.

You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!

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Bill also has a large ulcer which they say is likely caused by the radiation. We were very worried after radiation ended as he was having trouble eating, which he had not had before treatment, so we thought the tumor must have grown. The scans and scope showed no sign of the original tumor but the scope did reveal the large ulcerated area (which I don't think showed up on his PET scan). He has meds for it, but two and a half months after radiation ended it is still painful and causes discomfort eating.

I always find it a bit ironic that the treatment caused him to have the symptoms of the disease (he had no problems eating at the time of diagnosis).

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Mom's cancer was at the GE junction. She never ever developed cancer in the stomach and for that I was grateful. The ulcers, I believe, are caused by the rads. Mom had a2.5" ulcer following rads. It hurts.

I made soft foods for her to eat and nothing that might stick - like oatmeal. Oh she couldn't eat oatmeal!

Keep up the good fight!!!

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