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---Stage 4 NSCLC with bone mets (T-6)

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My name is Joe....I have Stage 4 non small cell lung cancer with bone mets (T-6)on April 9th. Was having sever pain in my back. Thought the pain was a pulled muscle. Tumor in right lung the size of a grapefruit. several lymph noids involved, and bone mets to my T-6 vertebre. Have had 15 rad treatments to my T-6 vert. and lung, the 5 more at a higher dose to my lung. Dr said could not give rad and chemo at same tiome because the combo would be to tosic for my spine. pain in back has decreased. I have pain in my rib area on the left side now. go back for CT scans on 8th then Dr on 13th. I am hopeing it is not spread to my ribs. Can anyone tell me if the pain can come from the Radiation treatments. or if it is possible the cancer has spread to my Ribs.

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Welcome Joe, the radiation combined with steroids caused my bones to weaken. I had 4 compression fractured ribs before we started using an egg crate-like foam to protect them during scans. Sometimes a coughing or sneezing fit can crack ribs of healthy people.

If we don't hear from you before the scan good luck. Please let us know how the ct comes out. Relax, breathe easy. There is no rib mets until the doctor tells you there is.

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Went back to Dr and so far no bone mets in ribs.The CT showed that the tumor in my Lungs has shrunk.Dr said with stage 4 lung cancer with bone mets, I have about 6-8 months with out chemo, and if I do the chemo I have a 50/50 chance of being here in two years. I started Chemo and have to have 6 rounds of a 21 day cycle. Then I will have a pet scan sometime in late October. 1St day Gemzar/Carbo then 8th day just Gemzar then start over after the 21st DAY. I have had the 1st & 8th day treatment and go back on the 11th to start the second cycle.So far just have a little nausea and feeling tired but most of the time I feel ok. Not being able to do much work, because they think I could colapse my vertrebra, has been very frustrating. I come to this sight and read what everyone has posted and it gives me hope. My wife and I just celebrated our 26th anniversery. She and my son who is 24 are very supportive. We all know that cancer is a bad thing but we keep a positive attitude. Just want to say I am sorry for the ones that have lost family members to cancer, and know you are in my prayers. My wife lost both her parents to cancer, and it is not easy.
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