Vectibix sideeffects after 1 and Folfiri sideeffects after 2 infussion

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I cannot say I didn't know this would happen so quick

1 Vectibix infussion and the acne has already started..and it is itchy I thought I would at least have a couple of treatments before this would start up.. I asked earlier about the eyelashes that has started yet.. It is all on my face.. forehead, checks and around mouth and nose. This is the first time I have ever had any sort of acne so I have no experience with this at all.. Doc gave me lotion for rash but it isn't helping this at all.. now I not sure I really am itchy in other spots or if its in my mind. I am trying not to scratch.. no rash on my upper lip but it has been itching for 3 days now - when I touch it - it feels like it is burnt

2 Folfiri infussions - hair has started to thin, gums are sore and I am assuming my stoma is bleeding as it is similar tissue to gums.. at least my surgeon always described it that way and they say your gums bleed on Irenotecan...

What is next... I don't mean to sound crazy.. just seems so quick.

I know this all for a good reason.. but it really feels odd..
When I did the Folfox the neuropathy didn't occur to till the 5t or 6th treatment and incase anyone is suffering from this like I am .. There was an Oncology conference in Chicoago this week and one of te topics was Chemo induced Neuropathy and they are reporting success treating patients with this issue by perscribing Cymbalta.. I plan on asking mt Onc if I could try this next time I see her..