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Has anyone been on Avastin maintenance

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Has it worked with the tumors? Are you still on it? Any side effects like low blood counts. Thanks for any information.

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since the end of last year. I also had it along with carbo/taxol last summer. I had 4 spots light up on the pet scan in early May. Dr. doesn't think it's related to the cancer, but he is sending me for a needle biopsy near my thyroid on June 15. (just to be safe),. My white counts have dropped slightly. Also, my platelets which were nearly depleted with the other drugs, is still low. My biggest side effect have been the body aches. So far BP has been normal, I am on low dosage med. for bp.

I can say that my CA-125 has remained normal. May 24 it was 12.8

Best wishes to you!

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I was on maintenance Avastin for 11 cycles, following my first line treatment. The side effects were much less than they were with regular chemo. High blood pressure is a common side effect, but mine was not affected until the end of my maintenance, and it went right back down after I discontinued the drug. Many people have sinus issues with Avastin. You would want to make sure to keep your nose moist. I had a very runny nose with it. There also seems to be a relationship with Avastin and shoulder issues. Many Avastin users, including myself, end up with a frozen or sore shoulder. This also seems to resolve after a few months.

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funny you say that about the shoulder issue with the avastin...it feels like someone punched my in the side right under my right shoulder....these side effects are crazy, huh? xoxox karen

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I have also been on avastin and taxotere since March. I wondered about my right shoulder also. It has been bothering me and I work out or try to work out in pool about 5 days a week. WOW... strange huh.. havent really noticed any other side effects from this. been feeling good, but taxotere quit working so got switched to gemzar yesterday.. Jackie

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I'm on Avastin maintenance now, have been since December. I'll be taking it until October. Joint aches are my biggest problem now, especially my anckles and knees, my shoulders ache when I raise my arms. I'm on pain meds because sometimes the pain in my legs is so bad I can barely walk. My BP has also been an issue, I'm on 4 different meds to keep it under control. there have been many times recently when I've contemplated stopping the treatment to relieve all of the pain, but my ca-125 is staying stable at 16, and my last ct scan was clear, so it must be working.

Hope this info helps.


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I was on Avastin during treatment and would get regular bloody nose. I got some glycerin from the pharmacy to keep the passages moist at night. It was really hard to not blow my nose to clear the clotting.

Also be super carefull not to injure yourself. Avastin keeps skin from healing. I had to have my port removed because the skin wouldn't heal. Long story but it took THIRTEEN weeks for the incision to finally close on it's own.

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