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Asking for prayer

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Hey all, I'm asking for prayer for myself from all of you who knows that anything can happen in this life.
I have been having UTI symptoms for almost 3 months now.
Had to go to a clinic and they did the regular dip test and it showed no infection but a little blood in the urine, they also did a culture that was sent off to Lab.
After two days I received the results for the culture from my doctor's office and it was negative.
But the symptoms worsened so went to a gyn/urologist for a pelvic exam and said it was a yeast infection.
Gave me a pill, (diflucan). I took that but still a week later the symptoms never went away so I was told to take the Monistat for 7 days, but still the symptoms, so back to the clinic again, this time the dip test showed a "hunk of a urinary tract infection" (doctor's words).
So I was given antibiotics which I started but after 5 days had to stop for bad side effects.
Back to my family doctor for another pelvic exam and said the yeast was still present but just not as bad so back on Monistat for 7 days.
Well I finished that up but still have the same problem, so another culture taken and it shows negative. So this morning I just went to a urologist who is going to have me do a CT scan this Thursday at 3:30 and then have to wait until the 19th of this month to get a cystoscopy.
So here I sit still in discomfort and after all this time passing, playing their games, I still have to wait until the 19th!
3 months of this stuff!!
What happened to just going to the doctor and him ordering the tests right off the bat.
Of course I am a bit anxious considering my brother has esophageal cancer after months of being misdiagnosed.
I've never had anything like this before to last me this long so I know something is going on.
I know this is a board for esophageal, but here I feel I know most of you, and see how you care for one another, and you know all about misdiagnosis and the waiting game.
Will you keep me in prayer?

Thank you all!


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UTI's are not fun. Seems like they are having a hard time getting to just what is going on. The wait of two weeks is very hard on you. I understand they are very painful. I know this is an EC Board but you've been here for your Brother, and right now you need help from any and all who can comfort you.

I just read an article that there is a considerable increase of senior citizens not being admitted to the hospital as a patient but lodged for observation. According to the article: You're in the hospital. You're being tested; however, how you are billed changes. Since you are not classified as a patient, you have much higher charges, co-pays, and services not covered that no one at the hospital bothers to tells you this is happening. The surprise comes as you exit with your bill. Saves the insurance companies and government programs lots and lots of money. This was supposedly a reliable source, but I cannot verify. It does give rise to concern, being a senior citizen.

Hope you get some positive news.

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I know how uncomfortable UTI symptoms can be, and three months of "guessing" about the cause can really start your mind headed in a negative direction. Hopefully in the next couple weeks you can get past the "wait and see" medical approach and get to the bottom of the issue. In the mean time you can be sure you will have prayers coming your way.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Rose, UTI's are definitely no fun. And when it's gone on so long, of course, it is very worrisome. Prayers coming your way and also a suggestion. For some relief before a resolution, I would drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and several glasses of cranberry juice. That may help with the symptoms and certainly can't hurt.

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just knowing someone is out there who understands is a comfort.
Angie, I have dranked so much cranberry and water for the past 3 months, and still I am in this shape.
I am still drinking though.
Thank you for praying.

Jr. had his CT today but will know the results tomorrow.
So much to pray about!

May God bless you all for your words, I needed them!

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Blessings to you and all your family Rose.
I will keep you in my prayers and hope that
you will get some answers and feel better
really soon.
Love, prayers and hugs.

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