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My CA125 has always been normal but I have advanced lowgrade PPC. Does anyone else have this? I find it very scary that my disease is so difficult to monitor.

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Hi, Mum has also never had a high CA125, it has I think been slightly above what is classed as normal but if my memory serves me correctly it has only been in the 40's. Mum's onc doesn't like to concentrate on numbers too much and would rather focus on how the patient is feeling etc. I agree, it seems easier for people who can have some guidence by their numbers X

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I feel like some of these numbers are all we have to rely on. I guess if it's always low than its not worth even depending on them. Mom gets her results on wednesday. Scary!

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Yes, exactly. Some types are more transparent and follow the CA125 score. Mine has always been in the low normal even when I was very ill in hospital last year. The inflammation alone would have put the CA125 score up, but mine didn't budge. There's no way of monitoring it other than to watch and wait for symptoms to show themselves. Any little unusual pain sends me into an absolute panic! Silly I know. :)

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