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Xeloda* and bleeding

Brenda Bricco
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My Husband started Xeloda a week ago today... last night he gave me my birthday card and went down the hallway and asked me to come here. He said "soemone is bleeding" and pointed to the floor. I looked around frantically until he said "oh, it's me". His finger was bleeding from a crack and the blood was very thin. Has anyone developed the hand and foot problems with in a week of starting Xeloda? Could reducing the dose help? Calling the docs but just thought I would ask you.

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I have no idea, but I'm glad you are calling the docs.

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Just saw your post and thought I would tell you that in addition to mouth sores, JBG has told me that she has very bad bleeding of the gums, even as she sleeps. Her dosage has been reduced which may be helping some. I believe she uses "magic"? mouthwash also for the mouth sores. Hope you were able to speak to the doctor. Is your husband on coumadin for any reason? This will cause you to bleed readily also.



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dont panic it may be that his platlets have dropped.i have alot of bleeding thru my gums and mouth sores.my platelets dropped so they took me off the pill for a couple of weeks.just had a scan yesterday they did drop my dosage but that has not helped my mouth sores.i just had a scan yesterday and will see my onc on monday.sometimes it is trial and error til they get the dosage straight.do call the doc and let them know what is going on.....Godbless....johnybegood

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Have him try the Udder Cream. It has really kept my hands and feet soft. It is cheap and it works well!

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