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Accessory spleen after nephrectomy

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Dear All!

My mother has a radical nephrectomy in 2010 (left kidney) because of renal cell carcinoma.
In 2010 the doctors did not find any metastasis in her body.
Now she had a control CT scan which shows 3 small nodules next to her spleen.
The doctors do not know whether it is a metastatic or can be an accessory spleen.
Have you heard about this? How can it be distinguish? Because the CT scan is not 100 % sure, neither MRI.
What do you know about this?
I am really thank you the help in advance!

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but have the doctors suggested doing a CT guided biopsy? Sometimes that's the only way to determine what some of these questionable findings are.

Whispered prayers your way!


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Then again you did not mention the size or grade of original tumor,it could be an accessory spleen for which i have no clue what that is and also i am not sure of the location of the spleen in relation to left kidney when i am done writing this i am going to google both .I had a nephrectomy of my right kidney on 10/11/2011 and when i went for my first CT SCAN on 04/09/2012 a suspicious nodule was picked up in my remaining kidney,doctors suggested i wait 6 months and suggested that i also worry to much i told them i wanted whatever it was out of me as soon as possible.I had the suspicious nodule removed on 05/02/2012 and low and behold it was cancer.I did not write this to make you panic or worry since everyone is different and this might just be an accessory spleen,but if it were me and i do worry alot i would waste very little time and either establish what the nodes were and or get them taken care of.Good luck aviz keep us posted oh i almost forgot but i say this with deep regret welcome to our club

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Thanks for the answers!
The size of the tumor was 6 cm and the grade was II, pT3a type.
I do not really know but the doctors say that it is too small for biopsy and the PET CT will not identify exactly. So we do not know how further...

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