My mom diagnosed with Merkel Cell starting radiation tomorrow can she take Host Defense medicinal mu

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Found studies that it helps when doing chemo (and afterwards good studies for it all round) AND no negative info out there on it interfering with the radiation treatments. Advised against anti oxidents so off those but mushrooms not anti ox. Any one know anything?
Thx ahead of time if so. Be well to all, L.


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    Merkel cell advice
    If you have been diagnosed with Merkel Cell cancer, do not waste your time, book a flight to Seattle, and while you are on your way use your cell phone or other electronic marvel to make an appointment with Dr. Paul Nghiem and his team at (206) 288-2167 at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.
    If you are still reading this you are wasting time. Merkel Cell cancer is a rare, highly aggressive cancer, and your best chances for survival rest upon getting treatment from Dr. Nghiem and his team. Do not waste time with your local, well, intentioned physicians. This advice even applies if you live next door to a large, nationally known clinic such as M. D. Anderson.
    You can read more about Merkel Cell while you are on the way to Seattle.