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daughter home after having her radical hysterectomy endometrial uterine cancer
May 24.
Doctor is sure he removed it all and the good news is the stomach tumor that showed in the MRI was not a tumor but a shadow from the enlarged uterus!
Tissue samples have been sent and may get that result the end of this week.
The lung cancer won't be addressed for at least 4 weeks.
She isn't eating much, a bite of potato, one bite of a sandwich, does drink tea,
sleeps a lot.
Don't know what else we can do to make her comfortable. Any suggestions welcome.

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Good news that it seems all cancer removed and within uterus. Do they think lung problems are a separate issue?

Right now, helping the body recover is priority. My Dr's orders were to eat a high protein diet recommending I supplement meals with several bottles of supplements such as Ensure daily and get up and walk, walk, walk. I find Ensure too high in sugar. A better option is to addb whey protein to milk or juice. The protein is needed to help body repair and rebuild. Activity is important as well. My doctor# words were "walking tells your body you want to live." Even while in hospital afte I was out of ICU, I quickly learned how to unplug machines and gather up all tubes and bags and put myself on a walk schedule. It really helps recovery.

Sending positive thoughts for her recovery.

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she is able to walk to her bathroom about 25 steps a few times a day.

Still takes Vicodin at least 4 times a day.

Yes, there are spots on the lungs. From what I am reading the lung cancer seems

to expected when you have the uterine cancer.


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Double Whammy
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Wish I had some advice for comfort for her, but I think it's a matter of time. I didn't have an open hysterectomy so I'm pretty useless about comfort care. I do know walking is a good thing and hopefully she will get stronger every day and be able to do a little bit more. I assume that the spots on her lungs are the result of metastasis of uterine cancer, not lung cancer. Is that right? I would guess she's looking at chemotherapy once she recovers from surgery.

It must be really difficult for you to care for your child and watch her through this struggle. So I'm sending a few prayers for you, too.


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Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, Suzanne,

Yes it is the result of metastasis of uterine cancer.


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Prayers and wishes for your daughter's quick and successful recovery. Your support probably means more comfort than anything.


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Thank you Pat for your prayers and wishes, we need all we can get.


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