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A quick recap. My first PSA one month after the RP was 0.0. Two months later it had jumped up to 0.39, so I was pretty concerned. They checked it last week (6 weeks later) and it has thankfully gone down to 0.17. I'm thrilled to be below the magic 0.2, but how long should I let them wait from now on between checks? I'm scheduled for my full body scan in July that I do every 6 months because of my Kidney cancer, so I guess they will check it again them, but I'm wondering about after that. Is every 6 months enough?


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    There are many factors to
    There are many factors to consider before determining how often.

    What was your original Gleason score?
    Did you have a positive margin?

    In my case I had Gleason 7 and a positive margin. I had psa checked every 3 months for the first year.

    2nd year - every 6 months and now just once a year.