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hi everyone

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i can't sleep tonight my plattes are down to 23000 they should be at least be at 15000; i am really worried what happens if they go to o do i die, i am a smoker or mabey its its because i have state insurranance, i don,t know what to think, mabey they think i have lived long enough off the states money, they have me coming in for a transplant but i have no one to stay with me for the 30 days, feeling hopeless denise

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Hey Denise, I know it is overwhelming, but try to think of better times. They are professionals, and they are not going to stop till you get better. Try to keep the faith, Vinny

miss maggie
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My Dear Denise,

I don't like the sound of your post. I can understand it, feeling hopeless and all. Please call your doctor and explain how you feel. Exactly as you worded it on this post.

As far as being on state assistance, can I assume it's medicaid??? I am not familiar
with medicaid. But, I would think they would send someone each day to help you. Where I
live in NY, they do this for the senior population who are ill, or unable to do the everyday things in their home. This is done so seniors don't have to go into nursing homes. It's much cheaper for the state.

Where do you live? Sorry, perhaps I should know this.

Hopefully the day you posted was a bad day and you shared your feelings. That's what this site is for. Tomorrow, June 5 will be better.

Denise, love you and pray for you. Don't give up. I am not a doctor. As far as smoking, I doubt very much it has anything to do with your levels. Try and cut down a bit.

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Hi Denise,
Many people are in the same situation as you are Denise, especially with the way the economy is today.Millions of people lost their jobs and pensions and are receiving state assistance. Don't you dare feel bad for one minute that you get assistance from the state!! The cancer clinic I go to has a policy that states no person is EVER turned away no matter what their finacial situation is. I'm not sure how they do this, or who ends up paying, but it gives me comfort to look around the clinic and know that EVERYONE is welcome and being taken good care of. Maggie is right, you need to sit down with your doctor and totally tell him what you told us.Your clinic and doctor get paid by the state to take care of you, so don't worry about how they are paid will make a difference in how they treat you. Money is money, no matter what pocket it's taken from. Furthermore Denise, this is the LAST thing you need to worry about. Please...talk to your doctor. I'm sorry you can't sleep and your blood counts are low. Are you getting shots to boost your counts? Be sure to drink Boost, or some kind of protein drink if food isn't tasting good to you. You have to be sure to drink lots of fluids like water and juices to flush the chemo out and to keep your body hydrated. I'll keep you in my prayers, and you quit worrying about getting assistance...you didn't ask to get cancer, and don't deserve it anymore than the rest of us, regardless of your finacial situation!!! Hang in there sweetie and let us know how things go. Much love...Sue

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Sue,Maggie and Vinny said it all. Probably better than I could say it. I agree with them 100%. hang in there. John

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Hi Denise,
Please hang in there sweetie, I know its hard to but things will get better in time. Let your Dr. know everything you're going through, and about the state thing I'm also on it and sometimes I feel bad too but either I get medical help from the state or let things get worse. I have kids that I have to think about and I rather get the medical state than not get any help at all. Please keep the faith and I will be thinking of you. (((Hugs)))


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sometimes i just feel like i am losing it i think i would just go ahead and go n go now th instead of thinking about dying all of the time. i can;t have the bone marrow transplant because i have no one to stay with me it all seems hopeless denise

miss maggie
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Denise, Read all the replies to your post. I has to be so hard not feeling well, and worrying about what you are entitled to. You have to pick yourself up, and get the help you need. Every institution has a social network for patients that need financial help.
Medicaid, is there for you. You have to ask.

Sue is right. People are losing there jobs, or unable to find work. More people are applying for food stamps, welfare and medicaid. Please get the help you need.

What makes you think medicaid won't send someone??? Did a social worker tell you this?

Keep in touch please and share as you've been doing. Love Maggie

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Max Former Hodg...
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I know your situation is very bad, but, by itself, no one to stay with you should not be sufficient reason to not qualify for a transplant. The proceedure is inpatient, of course, and I would not expect a hospital to send you home without provision for care. I am not making light f a real difficulty, but I think it most likely something that can be worked out. I certainly hope so, and would try.


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