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Zytiga, slows advanced prostate cancer: study

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I have been on this drug since Feb. 1, 2012 and It has kept my cancer 0.2 psa. The MD Anderson doctor's said my Liver is looking good and will probably stay on it until next year.

I did not have to go and have chemo first. The new test is that people are lasting up to 18 months on ZYTIGA!!! :-)

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Thanks for posting the link.

I am a believer on this drug from its initiation (2005) and it wouldn’t surprise me to see it in the future recommended as the neoadjuvant treatment for all cases of prostate cancer.
Not the perfect “silver bullet” but close.

I like and am hopeful on the comment written in the link;

"It appears that this medication may lay a foundation for the use of this drug at an earlier stage of prostate cancer, and its benefits may be able to be delivered to a much wider population of patients as a result."


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It apparantly is very useful, certainly in pallatative care. A friend of mine began using it with a PSA of over 260.00, and after three months, is down to around 30.00. He feels great, and has had no side-effects at all. (Even having been in stage IV for over a year, he has never felt bad from his cancer, with is now in its 13th year.)

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