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flip flop

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I just found out that my dad now has bladder cancer. He had surgery to remove it on Wednesday. Now it is just the wait for the path report. I guess I will be flip flopping from this board and the bladder cancer board. Praying for a good path report in the meantime.


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i was also dxed with bladder cancer,it was a low grade tumor which means that this is very manageable,the only downside is going in every three months to have my bladder checked and i will let you use your imagination to figure out how this is done

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Hmmmm, due tell .. lol.. Seriously though, I am glad to hear it is manageable :-)

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okay Judy. You're the experienced one now. Be there for your dad and you'll end up helping yourself and him. You're both in my prayers.

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Judy, Judy, Judy,

When this bad stretch ends you will be owed big time. Thoughts and prayers headed your way.

Hang in there,


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Thank you everyone. I do believe I am over due for some good news and hoping it comes with my dad's path report. We will be getting that this Wednesday. I try to joke with him by telling him he cant "upstage me" now. lol. He is in good spirits but just wants out of the hospital. I will keep you all posted when I hear more. Thanks so much for all your support.


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thank you, And yes, I do have some insite as to what he is going though. I am there for him for sure!! ty for your prayers

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to your flip-flopping! You should go to the caregivers board as well. I went to that one when I was my brother's caregiver (liver cancer) - there are great people there, all who are going through similar things as you. For a while I was on the kidney, breast cancer, caregivers, liver cancer and leukemia (these last two were to obtain information and insight into my two brothers' cancers).

Prayers for both you and your father!


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So sorry to hear about your dad and hoping you get a good path report..You are due for some good new, thats for sure..

You will both be in my prayers..


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