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Rash on hands

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Woke up this morning with a rash on both hands and itching like crazy??Anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Never know what is going to happen next. Three weeks into treatments.

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and report this. They may tell you to take benadryl, tweek your chemo infusion or consider this unrelated, but whatever they suggest, I think it's better to let them know.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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I myself never experienced a rash on my hands with carbo/taxol. I agree with Maria that you should call your oncologist to report this. Always better to let them know.

Take care,

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hi vanesse....i am in a clinical trial of RAD001 with avastin......the backs of my hands drive me crazy because they are so itchy....i rub anti itch cream on them when it gets too bad....they are covered with little scabs from all the scratching and nothing heals because the avastin.RAD001 combination makes sores take forever to heal. always something!! good luck

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Happened to me on Carbo/taxol combo after the first treatment. Call the dr office like others have said. They advised me to take Benedryl which helped immensely but it also depends on how bad it is, how far up the hands or arms it goes and if you have any bumps or anything with it. Don't chance it, call right away. Wish you luck!

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I did get a rash, that only lasted one day or so after my first avastin infusion. I used a mild steroid cream that didn't do much. On the following infusions, my fingers swell, but I don't get the rash.

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I got a rash during my second treatment. Started off as a rash on my hands, wound up being a major case of hives for 10 days. Fully covered arms and went to chest and abdomen. Was on benadryl and steroids. Pls make sure your doctor knows. For me it was a reaction to one of the drugs.

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Itching could be a sign of liver distress. Are you having your liver enzymes checked regularly? In addition to ovca, I have a muscle disease that puts stress on my liver. I can tell when my liver is stressed (it happened a few times during chemo) because of the itching. Sometimes when you take a medication that causes itching, it's because it's having an adverse affect on the liver. Have your liver enzymes checked.

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