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Why would I stop laughing? (VERY Good Video)

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Excellent Phil :)

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I think some could benefit from watching this...

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Laughing makes everything better. We all need to laugh and enjoy life no matter what. Laughing helps all of us. Thanks for the Video

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That was delightful! Not something I'd expect to say about a video on the subject of dying, but it really was lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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Really enjoyed the video..thanks for sharing Phil.

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And I really needed to see this and get away from the doom and gloom on other sites. It made me remember some of the hospice patients I cared for over the years and how most of them did not want to spend all their time actively "dying" until they had no choice but wanted to have normalcy and even fun. And I'm not the type of nurse to sit there and pat them and pity them unless that's what they want/need at that particular time. Thanks for the link which also linked me up with some fond yet bittersweet memories from my years as a nurse.

As for our situation now with my daughter... we are getting on with our lives and still seeking the cure, to heck with the naysayers.


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Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing.

I especially liked the comments about 'toxic friends' (well, she phrased it more politely!) and wanting to be around people who make you laugh. Yes, yes, yes!


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thanks for sharing phil !

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That's exactly how I feel, and I joke about my situation to the point of probably making people uncomfortable at times. But most people don't know the "whole" dx, just that I have cancer. But I have become super focused on getting things done and enjoying every minute. At the least I think I have a few years and plan on getting as much out of that time as possible. And that includes laughing a helluva lot. Dan

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We all need to laugh more. Aunti mame says"life's a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death." LOL

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the post. I might share it on the lymphoma board.
Humor is so important.



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Nice to see you... Please re-post often and everywhere.
I agree that humor is very important, illness aside too.

I just looked at your recipe project. I hadn't see it in a while. Glad it's still going on. I need to try some of these.

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