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vitamins and supplements

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Im new here - diagnosed on Friday the 13th of April with Stage III rectal cancer and just finished day 23 of 28 chemo/radiation (planning surgery and more chemo next). Things are going well I guess. Im so humbled everytime i go to the infusion center and see wonderful people who are suffering so much worse than i am - i try really hard not to complain. I do get down sometimes - your stories are really helpful.

But tonight im looking for info on vitamins and supplements to help boost my immune system going forward. I dont know what i need. Im not interested in turning into a health food fanatic, or a vegan ( no offense), or drinking strange potions and concoctions, but somehow i think i can do better than just a daily muti-vitamin. What should i focus on? Any good resources for research or advice?


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A thorough cut and paste regimen online is Life Extension Foundation's cancer protocols, both generally for cancer, and specifically for CRC.

Popular, quality books are, "Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" by Russell Blaylock, "Life Over Cancer: An Integrative Approach To Cancer Treatment" by Keith Block, "Beating Cancer With Nutrition - Revised" by Patrick Quillin.

Click "tanstaafl" to see our results from integrating these sources and others into a chemo program. The most important part, is a one time chance to address cimetidine around surgery.

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really sorry you got stuck with the diagnosis.

you are very welcome here.

if your down, share it, get those negative emotions out of your mind and on the table.

its a roller coaster ride, pretty scary, many joyful moments as well, but you do have to focus to see the joy.

don't try to hard not to complain, you got much pain yet from them burning your butt. i was rectal cancer as well. and got 25 out 25 radiation days an chemo and surgery and six months chemo and a bag off and a recoccurence. thats my story in a sentence. i am alive and typing.

well now i am a vegan, juicing, meditating supplement addict and alternative therapy junkie.
most of my posts here are about alternative therapies of one description or another.

the best place to start if your serious about supplements is

life extension. its a bit like my bible. lots of good info.

i have seen over 20 alternative doctors, naturopaths and witch doctors. in the last 2 years i must have had over 200 appointments, so get great medical advice.

don't take supplements randomly, i may have done this early on, but have settled down in my more mature years.

it will be 2 years on the roller coaster for me on the 3 june. what an anniversary. kind of happy to say it. in that i am still here, and many friends are not.

so start with lef, the colorectal protocol has two levels hardcore and softcore.
let me know what you think, i have read it cover to cover.

read the post i did a few days ago about vit d and curcumin. the link will take you to lef.

let your health direct your supplementation.

my favourite three supplements at the moment are mcp, broccoli sprout powder, glisodin. but i am on heaps more. and when i say heaps i don;'t have that much time to type them all.

goodluck with your treatment and i hope the after burn is much better for you than it was for me. living hell, comes to my mind, but that is a distant memory. at your stage of the game i was asking for help here, there and everywhere. i was not ready for serious pain. something my doctor kindly forgot to mention. and maybe he was kind.


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Pete - thanks. I will look for Life extension today and will probably come back with questions. And yes, i have the burn already. Have never experienced anything so painful. Pain meds help but then they're ... well, pain meds. Kind of limits what else i can do. But - it's temporary....

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I was Stage 4 but have been NED for 3.5 yrs. I follow a program of exercise, Mediterranean diet and supplements. The supplements I take are: asprin, resviratrol, grape seed extract, Vit. D3(in the winter), fish oil, Co-Q10, and a multi-vitamin. So far this has been working for me. I hope this helps and good luck in your fight.

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I too had Stage 3 rectal cancer and am currently NED, or No Evidence of Disease. I take a multi, extra Vit C (immune boost) and Milk Thistle (to help repair my liver) and exercise more.
You may want to check with your onc about supplements because some Drs. don't like you to take them during chemo.
Good luck to you and welcome to the Board.

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