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Well, my surgeon did my colonoscopy....normal.....now this even has me more confused about my situation. I could see me getting this friggen disease if I was prone to polyps or if I had some kind of bowel issues...colitis, irritible bowel disease or something. But, nothing. I had this one friggen polyp that developed into Stage 1V disease. I most certainly figured they would have found polyps or something with this colonoscopy but nothing. Has my change in diet and supplements helped, who knows, I hope so!! I kinda got all freaked out when I walked in the room and there was my surgeon with an anestesiologist. I just figured he was going to refer me to someone who does this procedure I was honestly surprised to see him in the room.

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hey SJ..... thats awesome news!!!! Thanks for posting because I was wondering. So you will stay on your schedule "as is"? So very good to hear!


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Yep...I have CT scans and meeting with onc. end of July. Surgeon said to book appt. with him in a couple of months. I guess we'll just go scan to scan and keep plugging forward from there.

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That is awesome news!!!!! Very happy for you.

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A clear colonoscopy is always good news-congrats. I too am NED but oncologist still sees me every three months for scans,blood work, etc. Expect to move to 6 month cycle after tis months visit. Lets beat this together. Good luck.

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Glad all is normal. It only takes one polyp to become cancer. So glad that your scope was clear.


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Very good news----thanks for sharing :)

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