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Just found out I have uterine cancer has any one not had a hysterectomy and what was the out come. I can't let them operate because my belly doesn't heal. I had 3 hernia operations in 3 years and that was 5 years ago and my belly still is not healed.

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Sorry you have this problem. Do you know why you have this healing problem? Is it diabetes?

Back to your question - Most of us have had hysterectomies and there are various outcomes. Removal of cancerous tissue is necessary to analyze what type of cancer and determine what types of treatment are the best.

There are various types of surgical procedures. Full abdominal involves a large incision (I had this) and longer recuperation. Laproscopic surgery is done with small incisions and this may be the best alternative for you.

I recommend that you have a gynecologic oncologist do this.

What is your doctor saying?

Keep us posted and best wishes. Mary Ann

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I have only seen my doctor once. He put me on Megestrol AC 160 mg a day, which makes me feel awful, I don't go back to him for 3 months. About the healing problem, I have a large belly and its the fat that does not heal. Ihave tried to loss weight but you know how that goes.

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So do I, but if you find a good GYN/ONG surgeon to do the operation, he/she will probably put you on antibiotics before surgery that will help you heal. I'm thinking you need AT LEAST the de Vinci surgery to get this hysterectomy done as soon as possible. I have had two vertical c-sections and the hysterectomy(not to mention a burst appendix and had my gallbladder out)surgery and I am diabetic with not one sign of infection or non-healing. Don't just depend on your regular dr. find a good surgeon! Best, debrajo

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Shell bug
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Please don't wait three months. Please. Find a gyn/oncologist and go there. I hope you can have surgery. Cancer is not something to play around with. Do you even know what grade it is? If it's grade 3 you have to get it out of your body ASAP. Mine was, and I was very, very close to having a bad situation become even worse.

I know it's scary, but surgery is almost always the first step unless the tumor is unoperable. I had the daVinci and it was a success for me.

Please don't wait!

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