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Day 2 of Xeloda*...

Brenda Bricco
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Today is the second day of the "mopping chemo". Feb 2011 my Husband was dx with stage lv colorectal cancer (many large mets to liver). We did chemo, rfa ablation, colon recection, ileostomy, liver resection (65%)and ilestomy take down. His first scan since liver resection is clear so the docs want him to do chemo via pill to make sure its gone and not coming back. I know some don't believe in doing a "mopping" sort of chemo but his docs do and they want him to do it. So... here we are on day two.
I am just wondering if there is anyone out there that did the same, how long they stayed on it and how they faired it. (I will ask docs at next appt. but forgot at the last one). I am aware of the possible side affects but am wondering if anyone would care to share their personal experience with Xeloda.
It has been a very long haul with lots of lows but I am happy to report that we are in a good place today and enjoying our lives. I hope that I can encourage some to keep hoping and fighting.
GOD blessings to you all.

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tina dasilva
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Oh Brenda lucky you that your husband got to do mop up chemo . Our doctor said no for Jorge to do it because of his CEA its at 1.3 so the doc. With the CEA under 5 he didn't want jorge to do chemo .

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I have always done mop up evan though my cea was 1. This was the recommendation of my first oncologist. My second one gave me a choice since cea is not a good tumor marker for me. The new onc is a gi cancer specialist at an nci hospital.

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Hi Brenda, I had colon cancer, resection then 2 liver re sects. After the second one, I had 8 months of the pills. I was supposed to have 9. but developed hand/foot syndrome. My onc. stopped the treatment since my scans were clear. Good Luck, I did well, hope hubby does too.

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I have taken Xelode twice. I took it along with my radiation when I was first diagnosed and I am taking it now in my adjuvant treatment plan of Xelox. I have done really well with it. I didn't have any side effects with the Xeloda with the radiation and I have not had any side effects with it now. Actually now I honestly don't feel like I am on any chemo treatment at all. My treatment this round will end in September. Right now I am back to my old self and have more energy than I have in a long time. Part of that may be that I have gone toxin free and only eat whole foods plus I have added a lot of extra exerice.

Good luck to your husband! Hope he does well on the Xeloda!

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I am currently taking Xeloda. I have been on it since January. I do have a few side effects. My hands stay red and cracking and dry. My feet are also very dry and cracking. The sides of my mouth are cracking and my stomach is always upset. I have one more round and I'm done with it. I am thankful that I'm cancer free now, so it was well worth it.

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Have you ever tried "Udderly Smooth Body Cream" The packaging is black and white like a cow. Some people call it Moo Cream? I have used it from the start and not had any problems. I put it on my hands 4 times a day and soak my feet in it at night with a pair of socks. It is pretty cheap stuff and you can get it at WalMart or the Dollar Store. You may have to ask for it in WalMart because it is not with the other lotions. It is in the pharmacy section.

Good Luck, hope your feet and hands get better!

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I stayed on Avastin for a year and half after surgery and I stayed on Xeloda for six months after surgery. I didn't have side effects from Xeloda. As my oncologist said that they can't be sure they got every single little tumor (some could be to small to see)that mop up chemo would be a good idea. Since I didn't particularly liked the idea of any little tumors running around loose, I didn't have a problem taking it for six months more after surgery. (I had been taking it prior to surgery). Best of luck, and isn't it grand to have had the surgery and be on the road to recovery? My best to your husband and you.
Winter Marie

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I did mop up after eachp liver resection. The first 6months of folfox and was ned for 18 months. Second time 6months of folfiri + avastin and was ned for 4years. Third time 4months and counting folfiri.3 + vectibix.

Brenda Bricco
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Thank you so much for your experiences! I am always impressed with your generosity and kindness.
Since this last post my Husband's Uncle was dx with non treatable late stage lung cancer. We went to visit him and his wife yesterday and it brought horrible flash backs to the beginning of last year when Dennis was dx. I see the shock and the hurt on their faces and want so much to help them. He is in his 70's and still loves life. I hate cancer!

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We all hate cancer! Just so thankful that we are currently NED. Glad to hear your husbands on the mend.

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brenda, I changed my treatment awhile back to Xeloda because I thought I needed a break from IV chemo and I was way wrong. That drug was very hard on my digestive system, I could not eat anything with out being sick from the month and the butt. Everything went trough me. Also all my hair fell out. and bottom of feet burned and all skin peeled off, these side effects last for months after i stoped. hope fully you will be ok on it but this was my experience.

take care penny

Brenda Bricco
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It sounds like you had a horrible experience compared to most Penny... how soon after starting did your side effects show up?

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