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I got a promotion, of sorts...

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Shell bug
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I just wanted to share the good news that I am now Head Teacher of my elementary school. I won't make any more money, but I feel so blessed that my boss has so much confidence in me. She has been so fantastic during this entire ordeal and decided to give me the position even though I have been gone so much.

I've been thinking a lot, and I think the way we carry ourselves through this entire ordeal has a great influence on others. I finally went to school without a hat today and the kids were so positive and unafraid. I feel like I've helped prepare them for when they have to deal with this as a fighter, friend, or caregiver. One little girl is doing her project on chemotherapy now and asked if she could interview me. Who knows, maybe she will continue to be interested and solve this horrible puzzle

I am feeling so much better since completing chemo, but feel anxious because radiation is right around the corner. They are radiating a much larger area than I anticipated because one pelvic and one aortic lymph node lit up during a PET before chemo. I also know it's bad news if there was cancer in the aortic, which I also know there probably was. Does anyone know anything about SUVmax values? Just curious. I'm driving myself nuts researching all this stuff when I should just be happy that whatever was glowing is gone. I think I'm hitting that "every day is a blessing" stage. It took me awhile to get here, but it's beautiful.

I had my first colonoscopy and endoblahblahblah since I am high risk for GI cancer, all is well there, so thankful.

I pray for each of you every night, please continue to be strong and thank you for sharing your journey.


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What an honor to be Head Teacher. I have always admired elementary teachers. They have so much influence on the young minds. I am glad you are being recognized. Glad you have chemo behind you. Good luck with your radiation. Nausea and fatigue were the symptoms I had after several weeks. I hope you have minimal side effects.

Glad to hear your colonoscopy and EGD came back good. Hope you continue to feel each day is a blessing. You remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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Good job, Rachelle! I, too, am an elementary school teacher (5th grade) I worked through treatment and finished in November. I took off a few days each chemo week, and my very own sister became a sub (she's a retired teacher) just to help me get through this. I couldn't ask for a better or more supportive sister, along with my wonderful principal and coworkers!
My students were fantastic through all this, as were their parents. Cancer sure gives you a different perspective and makes you realize how much you need and appreciate the people in your life.

I'm glad you're doing well......my doctor told me that people who keep busy during chemo usually handle it better.
Teaching school certainly keeps you busy, as we both know!!

Sending big hugs and prayers for a smooth radiation experience. Enjoy your summer!!!

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To be recognized in a job and better yet as a Teacher to kids is wonderful news. It takes really special people to be a teacher and it is a harder job than most people think. I was not a teacher as I do not have the fortitude to do so. However, when my daughter was in school, I was very involved, Room mother, PTA, soccer coach, bowling coach, field trip and week at camp chaperon. Worked very closly with the teachers and it was amazing the extra work they always did for their kids.

Good luck with the radiation and glad to hear that the chemo is through. Will continue to keep you in my prayers, along with all the other ladies. trish

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Rachelle, I believe this is rating to density of the uptake. The higher the number the more uptake (worse it is). I really don't know much more than that - sorry.

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Sara Zipora
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The high number, as I understand it is less than great, but the SUVs act as a filter for 'noise' of other uptake information, such as your body digesting food that would cause 'light up' areas too.
Best is to speak to your radiologist and onco and not Wesley intentioned dingalingns.


Chaya Sara

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