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Prayers for Ray (Jr.)

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Prayers (Can we still use the word prayers or is that offensive? hope not, because I sure believe in them.) for my brother Jr.

Jr. goes this Friday for a CT Scan.
He does not have chemo today.
He has been in really bad pain, they have increased his pain meds, again.

Last week he lost 5 more pounds.

Please, help pray about his pain and I will post the results of his CT test.



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Prayers for you each and all. BMGky

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This is a lonely road for a "stand by" sister. Someone who can only stand by and watch someone they love suffer.
Much support is so appreciated.
Today he will know more through the CT scan.
I'm not sure if CT scans are enough to show anything but this is the test he will be having.
I am still waiting to see him, hopefully Sunday or next week.
I am told I can see him when he is having a better day, but that just doesn't seem to be happening so I'm thinking of just appearing at the door.
I know it will be hard to see, my mom tells me he is awfully skinny and looks so old.
All I do is pray and cry for him daily because I do know that each day is a struggle for him to get through.
My heart goes out to all you caregivers here, and especially the ones suffering with this ugly disease.

I was thinking how on memorial day we honor those who gave their lives in battle for our freedom, and what a great sacrifice that is, but I also see that we still fight battles here.
Fighting just to survive another day.
It's been said here time and time again but it's worth repeating, you all are such heroes.

Please, know I never want to offend anyone here who does not believe in God, but know that I do pray for you all, without God I just do not know where I would be.
Just know that when you feel you can't go through this another day that someone is praying that God give you that extra strength to not give up but with renewed determination to try again.
If we must go down, I would rather go down fighting than to quit.

As soon as I hear about Jr. today I will let you all know.
Thank you to those who are praying and for any words of encouragement.

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Our hearts are with you. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your brother Jr.

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Our hearts are with you. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your brother Jr.

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My prayers are with Ray, hoping for a good ct scan. Ct scans are important, then if any thing shows up, a pet scan is done.

I would never want to offend anyone on this site, But I want to tell others what helped me through the battle. It was my faith. I leaned on that constantly and had peace, even through the worse.

I've noticed some posts are being sent to another site. That's okay with me. There I can voice even more openly. If anyone wants to hear more about some of our faith, they will check in. In the mean time, I will continue to try to be sensitive to others, while at the same time, not denying where and from whom I get my strength.

I know it is hard on you, watching your brother decline. As humans we want to take the hurt away, but sometimes we have to keep looking on and just give love and prayers.

Hugs and prayers, Sandra

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You can be sure that Ray is in my thoughts and prayers. He has had a long battle and I know he must be getting tired. I hope the CT scan is clear of concerns, and they find the reason and a solution for his pain.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Two year survivor

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Thanks everyone for your support and prayers!
Jr. did not go for his CT scan, he has been having a bad case of diarrhea for the past few days and so they postponed the test for next week.
Thank you and I will keep you updated.

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